Utah Legislature

The nation is in a period of ‘extended conflict, partisan conflict, deep division,’ which one Washington university professor says has been more the norm over the course of our nation’s history.
Eight Utah school districts are paying licensed, first-year teachers a starting salary that one principal calls a “game changer.”
The Bureau of Land Management is gearing up to release a new travel plan for the Gemini Bridges-Labyrinth Canyon area, which could change recreation dynamics in the area.
In the last few years, the synthetic opioid has increasingly turned up in seizures and fueled overdose deaths. Officials call it ‘the greatest drug threat in Utah.’
In April, Wilson said he’s exploring a run for U.S. Senate seat held by Mitt Romney.
In July, Utah rolled out its statewide lethality assessment protocol program. Now, service providers are seeing an 83% increase in high risk victim referrals.
Newly appointed Utah Board of Higher Education named Deputy Commissioner Geoffrey Landward as interim commissioner pending a nationwide search.
“Twitter is not a good place to talk to constituents. It’s not a good place to even reach out amongst each other, because we know it’s just a public forum,” Trevor Lee said.
Legislators were told “Utah has a safety problem.” New licensing requirements are being proposed.
In his resignation letter, Kotter wrote “Life circumstances have affected my ability to devote my full attention and energies to this position of service.”
Izzy Tichenor’s family said she was bullied and belittled at school.
Parents are concerned about how social media impacts their children’s mental health, body image, brain development and sleep patterns.
Davis school board voted Tuesday to remove three novels from its its library collections: “The Lovely Bones,” “Lawn Boy” and “Deogratias: A Tale of Rwanda.”
One Utah officer urged a legislative task force to heed national recommendations, which call for one officer in every school.
The lawsuit alleges that the Utah Legislature undermined Utahns’ constitutional rights when it adopted new congressional maps.
There has ben a 96% increase in people experiencing chronic homelessness since 2019, but study also indicates the state is making headway in developing deeply affordable housing.
Utah attorneys argue the complaint is misguided and names the wrong defendants.
School board votes unanimously to overturn a review committee’s decision to remove Bible from elementary and junior high school libraries over “age appropriateness.”
One of the bill’s sponsors said the poll results, which are essentially 50-50, are “neither positive nor negative.”
The special primary election in Stewart’s district will be held on Sept. 5 and the special general election will be on Nov. 21.
If the “bright line rule” is violated, it’s out. There’s no evaluation necessary,” Rep. Karianne Lisonbee said.
A special legislative session bill would set aside $2.5 million for elections this fall.
“Utah is at an energy crossroads and needs better planning to meet future energy needs,” the findings said.
A legislative committee now wants legislation to make elected school boards more accountable for book challenge decisions.
The governor’s senior adviser says the change will enable the board “to better focus on a statewide vision.”
A Utah GOP House leader says state entities should avoid controversy.
‘We want Utah’s second district to be represented. And so making that vacancy as short as possible is important to all of us,’ Cox said.
An appeal has been waged to restore Bible to libraries in Davis District’s junior highs and elementary schools.
This is the first graduation season since the Utah Legislature’s passage of SB103, which allows all public school students to wear items of religious or cultural significance at graduation.
The contract would be at no cost to taxpayers and would offer a “trial run” for social media age verification.
That could possibly include enhanced penalties for those who make threats against election workers.
Governor’s emergency powers extended, but with a new requirement, and $40 million in spending authorized.
Colonial Flag has already sold about 2,000 flags since the flag design was approved.
Millions of dollars could be poured into dealing with the effects of last winter’s record snowfall.
School threats front of mind to Utah parents, says deputy state superintendent.
Lawmakers set to shift $20 million during upcoming special session to cover extra costs.
Though there’s some division, Utahns largely say the legislature wields more political power.
But the state’s voters are split if that’s tied to approving a constitutional changes in education funding.
Gov. Cox is asking lawmakers to extend a State of Emergency in response to this years historic snowpack.