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Utah Legislature

'We're not going to stand for this': Utah students strike, call for climate reforms

What are Utah lawmakers going to do about Biden’s employer vaccine mandate?

One Utah college is projected to have lower enrollment this fall. What is it doing to reverse that trajectory?

Port authority pauses vote on $150M bond amid pressure from Salt Lake City, protesters

Will Utah ‘reject’ Biden’s employee vaccine mandate? Legislative leaders urge Gov. Cox to act

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Should Utah’s drought emergency declaration be extended into winter?

Utah’s drought is supposed to be aggravated even more with a forecast that calls for the next few months to be drier and hotter than usual. Some leaders say the emergency drought declaration should be extended into winter. What effect will that have?

Mental health is a surging problem amid COVID-19, especially for kids. What’s Utah doing to meet the need?

Opinion: We support vaccines, but Biden’s mandate exceeds his authority

4 county attorneys in Utah call for end to death penalty

Why a Utah doctors group opposes abortion ban in first trimester

Why the Salt Lake City mayor changed her mind about a homeless shelter in Ballpark neighborhood

Donovan Mitchell didn’t ‘understand’ Utah’s critical race theory resolution, Utah Senate president says

As Utah County attorney walks back from capital punishment, man accused of murdering couple no longer faces death penalty

Should Utah abolish its death penalty? These Utah GOP lawmakers are going to try

COVID-19 is overwhelming Utah’s hospitals. What are state leaders going to do about it?

Will Texas’ new abortion law influence Utah politicians to pass similar legislation?

Why national eyes are on Utah’s governor for COVID-19 bargaining, votes on Biden, Trump

Utah hospitals at ‘breaking point’ amid COVID-19 surge, Gov. Cox warns

Feds investigating whether Utah’s limits on mask mandates violate disabled students’ civil rights

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Utah leaders react to Kabul attacks: ‘This loss of life tears at our collective soul’

Utah’s congressional delegation and Utah Gov. Spencer Cox all shared messages of grief, heartbreak and prayers after two suicide bombers and gunmen attacked crowds of Afghans flocking to Kabul’s airport.

'A real honor': Salt Lake City to rename section of street after longtime reverend

Salt Lake City’s mayor ordered masks in K-12 schools. Did kids wear them?

Full FDA approval for COVID-19 vaccine ends Utah ban on government-mandated shots

Can Salt Lake City’s mayor keep her mask mandate for schools? This Utah lawmaker insists it’s ‘NOT enforceable’

Are Utah’s political districts fair? Democrats call for no more gerrymandering

5 things to know about COVID-19 and the start of the school year

Utah redistricting explained: Why you should care

Salt Lake County health official to issue mask mandate for schoolchildren under 12. Will council agree?

Will schools require masks? Salt Lake parents, health board urge mandate for young students

Utah teachers now have rule that clarifies what they cannot teach about diversity, equity and inclusion

Epidemiologist gives State School Board this stark warning about COVID-19 cases

Where will the next U. president take the state’s flagship university? 3 finalists reveal their vision in campus forums

Will Utah follow New York with vaccine requirements? Gov. Cox says no, but there may be consequences

Are Utah licensing laws unfair? Cox wants to remove 'harmful' regulations

Eviction moratorium is about to expire — here’s how to get help in Utah when it does

‘Deeply worried’ about nation’s polarization, this governor says his state has the ‘secret sauce’

Masks and online learning? What will Utah college campuses look like this fall?

Can conservatives protect free speech and prevent social media censorship at the same time?

Who is Timothy Gadson III and why did he want to be the next superintendent of the Salt Lake City School District?

Want to speak your piece on new Utah school board rule that prohibits teaching critical race theory?

What Utah’s governor says about a stomped on ‘Back the Blue’ sign, and Black Lives Matter Utah calling the American flag ‘racist’

This canyon, well known to skiers, is overly congested, but the solution is staggeringly expensive

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She died in the heat when mental crisis drove her to the streets. Who is to blame?

In her obituary, Shawna Wright’s family blamed failures in Utah’s mental health system for her death "alone on the streets" amid Fourth of July heat while she was in mental crisis.

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Photo of the day: Wave hello to the new flag commemorating Utah’s 125th anniversary

The new flag features a red-white-and-blue background, over which is a beehive design and a white star, is loaded with symbolism.

Why did Black Lives Matter Utah call people who fly the American flag racists?

Former investment banker Marlo M. Oaks named new Utah state treasurer

Incentives for COVID-19 vaccines ‘still on the table’ as new poll shows little interest

Why state and city leaders have resorted to begging Utahns to ditch personal fireworks