Utah Legislature

The Salt Lake County Democratic Party has called for the “immediate and unconditional resignation” of longtime Utah state Sen. Gene Davis.
‘Late Show’ host Stephen Colbert asks why Utah GOP Senate candidate Linda Paulson’s rap doesn’t rhyme.
The Utah Inland Port Authority needs to outline clear goals before starting to spend $150 million in bonds.
No legislative leaders signed the letters signed by coalition of Republican lawmakers.
Homelessness continues to rise in Salt Lake City and cooler temperatures are approaching.
The field of 5,703 designs submitted to potentially replace Utah’s state flag has officially been whittled down to 20.
The now-president of the Utah Inland Port Authority said Wednesday he will retire at the end of October.
The Utah Department of Corrections has hit a snag in its new inmate prescription program, causing a backlog of thousands of prescriptions that have yet to be filled, officials say.
A panel of scientific experts from across Utah met Tuesday to discuss what’s wrong with the lake and how those issues can be addressed.
The company’s plan calls for dredging the lake and using the material at the bottom to create human-made islands.
Now that a judge has temporarily halted a ban on transgender girls competing in girls high school sports, attention shifts to an eligibility commission.
The girl’s school opened her enrollment records dating back to kindergarten to confirm she was female.
The old Utah State Prison site is set to become many different things. But it likely won’t be a haunted house.
Some states, including Utah, created a voluntary “do not sell” firearms list as way to help reduce suicide.
Utah public transit ridership has yet to return to pre-pandemic levels. But the S-Line is suddenly bucking all the trends.
A BYU professor says “context matters” when comparing one state’s actions to another.
He says he will just wait for the facts to come to light before forming an opinion on the search, and says he favors more efficient uses of water, such as water-wise lawns and “more responsible” farming practices, by using new technologies that use less water.
Longtime Utah state Sen. Gene Davis has been placed on temporary leave after a former intern alleged in a social media post he sexually harassed her.
Utah Republican state Sen. Dan McCay has requested a bill to amend the state constitution on abortion rights.
A ticket for driving over 100 mph can bring an enhanced penalty under a new Utah law.
A Utah judge granted a preliminary injunction on Utah’s abortion trigger law.
Utah Constitution does not expressly protect a right to abortion, argue attorneys representing the State of Utah, pushing back against civil rights lawsuit by Planned Parenthood Association of Utah.
13% of Utahns say arming teachers would make schools safer, but the Utah Education Association president says that’s a nonstarter.
Utah Gov. Spencer Cox goes on the defense after a New York Times article mentioned the state’s water diversion as a key reason for the shrinking Great Salt Lake and “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” mocked St. George’s golf courses and Cox’s call for prayers for rain last year.
Gov. Spencer Cox had a message Wednesday for those on both sides of the abortion debate and the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v. Wade.
The decision offers a win for the Utah Inland Port Authority and delivers yet another blow to Salt Lake City’s legal fight.
Abortions, teen births and unwanted pregnancies are on decline in Utah. Delayed first intercourse and use of highly effective contraception may play a role. Planned Parenthood Association of Utah recently resumed receiving federal Title X funds for family planning services after exiting program in 2019 due to the Trump administration ‘gag rule’ that prohibited recipients from referring patients for abortion except in cases of rape, incest or medical emergency.
The temporary halt to Utah’s trigger law was cheered by some and denounced by others.
A Utah judge has issued a temporary restraining order, temporarily banning Utah’s new abortion law from being enacted. The order is in effect for 14 days.
Utah ticks off both boxes: It is a Republican stronghold and the federal government controls more than 60% of its land.
A lawsuit filed on behalf of three transgender girls seeks a halt on Utah’s new law that would ban them from participating on girls’ teams.
Elective abortions are now illegal in Utah, with few exceptions, after the Legislature’s general counsel determined the state’s trigger ban is legal following the court decision.
Preserving the Great Salt Lake is a prime example where the state’s colleges can come together, the University of Utah’s president said.
A reporter for the far-right activist group Project Veritas posed as campaign volunteer in a hidden camera conversation with a Curtis campaign field director.
After nearly five years of building and more than six years of planning, a ribbon-cutting was held Wednesday for the new Utah State Prison.
Utah Gov. Spencer Cox said Thursday he’s grateful the state hasn’t seen a mass school shooting, but believes the Legislature should “keep an open mind” on gun laws to help prevent potential shootings.
Juneteenth — the anniversary of the last slaves to be freed — was first celebrated 156 years ago, but this year’s celebrations have a different meaning in Utah.
State lawmakers from around the country met to discuss recent legislation they say will help refugees and immigrants adjust to their communities.
State GOP Rep. Kira Birkeland says she’s trying to protect children.
LBGTQ advocates on Friday decried a GOP state lawmaker’s letter to principals across the state providing guidance over treatment of transgender students.
The ACLU of Utah and other advocacy groups filed a lawsuit on behalf of two families against the bill passed by the Utah Legislature that bans transgender girls from playing in high school girls sports.
“There should be no reason this doesn’t pass the Utah Legislature,” Sen. Derek Kitchen said. “It’s common sense gun reform that will keep Utahns safe, and that’s what we were elected to do.”
State leaders called for better support and policies for maternal mental health Tuesday as almost half of Utah mothers report mental health symptoms before, during or after pregnancy.
Utah leaders resealed a time capsule at the state Capitol with the hope it helps Utahns 100 years from now understand the efforts to make the state a better place.