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Photos: Utah County K-9 Havoc mourned during memorial service

Sheriff's deputy Tony Sorensen was presented a flag during a memorial service for K-9 Havoc at the Utah County Sheriff's Office in Spanish Fork on Monday. The 7-year-old Belgian Malinois was struck and killed by a car while off duty on July 16. Sorensen was Havoc's handler. Havoc began working at the Utah County Sheriff's Office in July 2013. He worked four years with his first handler and had been with his current handler since July 2017. According to the sheriff's office, Havoc, who was certified in both narcotics detection and patrol, made hundreds of "finds" involving narcotics, including two searches where one had 10 pounds of heroin and the other had more than 10 pounds of methamphetamine. He was also involved in numerous criminal apprehensions.

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