SALT LAKE CITY — A 17-year-old Kearns boy was charged as an adult Monday with committing a series of crimes, including attempting to run over a store clerk.

Kevin Zamora is charged in 3rd District Court with two counts of aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony; possession of a firearm by a restricted person, a second-degree felony; failing to stop at an officer’s signal and obstructing justice, third-degree felonies; failing to stop at the command of an officer, a class A misdemeanor; and seven class B misdemeanors including unlawful discharge of a firearm, two counts of assault, three counts of not operating a car safely and causing damage, and possession of alcohol by a minor.

The crime spree began on May 29 when a car that was left running in a driveway was stolen near 5100 West and 4700 South, according to charging documents. The car’s owner came out of the house just in time to see the thief speed away, nearly hitting her in the process.

That same day, police were called to a report of a hit-and-run accident near 5200 West and 4400 South. In that case, a stolen truck hit another vehicle and then appeared to be chasing another vehicle, according to the charges.

That same day, Zamora and others went into Holiday Oil, 3210 W. 3500 South, and stole two cases of beer, the charges state. The store clerk ran after them and stood in front of their vehicle. The car accelerated toward him, forcing the clerk to jump onto the hood and then fall off as the car was moving, police say.

The next day, a West Valley police officer spotted the car that was stolen the day before. The officer followed the car but did not chase it. The driver began driving recklessly, however, and crashed into a parked car near 4865 S. 4820 West, according to the charges.

Also on May 30, police were called to a road rage incident at 3544 W. 3500 South where two men who were working yelled at Zamora to slow down. He turned around, threw beer bottles at the men and challenged them to a fight, the charges state. As Zamora and others left the scene, shots were allegedly fired in the air.

Police identified Zamora through social media and went to his house with a search warrant where ammunition was collected, the charges state. While Zamora was sitting in a room at the police department waiting to be interviewed, he was recorded on surveillance video throwing more bullets into a garbage can, the charges state.