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Toddler hit after darting onto Utah road dies

Marie Johnson
Marie Johnson
Emmalee Johnson

MARION, Summit County — A toddler hit by a car after darting into traffic during a family gathering over the weekend has died from her injuries, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office announced Monday.

Just after 6 p.m. Saturday, Marie Johnson — who would have turned 2 in just a couple of weeks — wandered onto the street near 2700 N. Upper Loop Road in Marion. The girl walked between a parked car and a bush and onto the road, right in front of an oncoming car, said Summit County Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright.

The driver hit his brakes, but couldn’t avoid a collision, he said. The speed limit in that area is 35 mph.

“It’s truly a tragic accident,” Wright said.

The toddler’s mother was already chasing after her daughter and witnessed the accident, he said. Marie’s relatives confirmed the identity of the girl. Wright said the group was attending a birthday party with extended family that day.

Marie was flown to Primary Children’s Hospital where she died Sunday due to her injuries, according to Wright.

A GoFundMe campaign to help Marie’s family had raised more than $22,000 by Monday night.