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Lightning sparks dozens of wildfires in northern Utah

BRIGHAM CITY — Lightning strikes on Sunday night sparked an estimated 30 wildfires throughout northwest Utah, Box Elder County officials said.

Roughly 15 fire engines worked through the night, and by the next morning, at least 12 of the fires were fully contained and kept to an acre or less, the county said.

County officials expected that about 70 personnel would keep working Monday to locate and contain the rest of the fires.

Twenty of the fires had been named as of Monday afternoon, including the Promontory Hollow Fire, the Hatch Ranch Fire, and the Golden Spike Engine House Fire.

The largest known fire, the Russell Fire, was 5,000 acres and 20% contained as of 3:30 p.m. That fire was threatening a natural gas pipeline, the county said.

About 10 of the fires had not been staffed.