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Utahn who allegedly pulled a gun at party shot, arrested

Brian Dean Bogart
Brian Dean Bogart
Salt Lake County Jail

TAYLORSVILLE — A Tooele man who was shot at a party over the weekend after allegedly threatening people with a gun has been booked into jail.

In addition, police say Brian Dean Bogart, 40, surprised a good Samaritan who gave him a ride by pulling out a gun and telling the driver he was going to kill someone, according to a Salt Lake County Jail report.

The violent series of events began about 6:30 p.m. Saturday when Bogart decided to go to another man’s home uninvited. Bogart was specifically told by the homeowner to not come, the report states.

On the way over, Bogart’s car broke down. Another motorist saw Bogart walking and offered him a ride, police say.

“After Brian got into (the) vehicle, he pulled a handgun out and laid it on his lap. (The driver) was fearful and didn’t know what to do. Brian was telling (the driver) that he was going to kill someone. Brian would then deny he was going to kill someone, then again say he was going to kill someone,” the report states.

The driver dropped off Bogart, then called law enforcement once he got home.

At the house, a party was being hosted for the homeowner’s grandchildren. Bogart, who was intoxicated, was asked to leave, the report states.

The homeowner “saw that Brian had a pistol in the front of his pants. (He) grabbed the pistol and had Brian remove the magazine. (The homeowner) states that he thought the gun was not loaded. Brain still had the pistol in the front of his pants,” according to the report.

When Bogart was again asked to leave, police say he became agitated and pointed his gun at the homeowner as he walked away.

A few minutes later, Bogart returned and found the homeowner across the street talking to three neighbors.

“Brian then confronted them and pulled the pistol out of his pants,” the report states.

One of the other men in the group, who has a concealed carry permit, pulled his gun out. When Bogart pointed his gun at the man, the man told Bogart to drop the gun, then fired twice at Bogart, striking him in the arm and neck, according to the report.

Bogart later claimed to police that he pulled the gun because he was being surrounded by the others.

Bogart was arrested for investigation of two counts of aggravated assault, kidnapping and possession of a weapon by a restricted person. The man who shot Bogart was not arrested.

According to the report, Bogart has spent time in the Utah State Prison but was not on parole at the time he was shot. Most recently, he was convicted of assault on a police officer in 2018, according to court records.