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Provo man turned himself in to police for hurting his children, charges say

SHARE Provo man turned himself in to police for hurting his children, charges say
A criminal charge against a former Latter-day Saint bishop accusing him of inappropriately touching a girl has been dismissed.

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PROVO — A Provo man who turned himself in to police after claiming he had become frustrated and gotten too rough with his children has been charged with multiple counts of child abuse.

Jesse William Killpack, 43, was charged Tuesday in 4th District Court with two counts of child abuse, a third-degree felony, and two counts of child abuse, a class A misdemeanor.

The investigation began Sunday when “an officer was approached by a male outside of the Provo Police Department who stated that he wanted to turn himself in for hurting his kids,” according to charging documents. “He stated that he wished to report multiple incidents, though he cannot remember exact dates that he caused his infant daughter to ‘pass out.’”

As police further interviewed Killpack, he revealed that on several occasions between May and October 2019 when his infant daughter was “crying uncontrollably” because she was “gassy and unable to pass a bowel movement,” he would press both of her legs against her chest, the charges state.

“The defendant stated that these occasions (the girl) would become unconscious and stop crying. The defendant stated that when (she) was no longer responsive, he would let up on her legs, because it ‘scared him,’” according to charging documents.

The girl’s mother corroborated that near the end of 2019, the infant suffered a broken leg, the charges state.

The incidents allegedly happened when Killpack was watching the children by himself.

He also claimed to have bruised the infant’s bottom while changing a diaper because he again became frustrated with her crying and “cleaned her more roughly than he should have,” according to the charges.

On another occasion, Killpack said he became frustrated while putting his 3-year-old son in a car seat and “left a sizable bruise on him” from grabbing him, according to the charges. The father also said that in the process of getting the boy into his car seat, he head-butted the child.