SALT LAKE CITY — The Silicon Slopes Tech Summit for 2020 kicked off Thursday, and Utah took center stage once again.

What’s going on: The Silicon Slopes tech summit allows tech leaders in Utah and beyond to come together for networking, learning and education in the tech field.

Surprise: Silicon Slopes kicks off summit with promise of venture fund for local startups

Quotes: Each of the speakers mentioned Utah.

  • Aaron Skonnard: “Utah is different than other states in the country, because of how unified we are. We have tremendous cooperation happening across public, private and education sectors. And it’s really incredible to see it happening.”
  • Ryan Smith: “Everything I got came from Utah. ... It’s this ecosystem that has helped our organizations be successful.”
  • Brad Wilson: “We are on the cusp of what we are calling the fourth industrial revolution. ... What we’ve got to do as a state with the schools and other policymakers to find ways Utah is on the leading edge of being able to captivate and manage (tech).”
  • Stuart Adams: “We’re never going to lead the nation in per people spending. We can lead the country in education because technology is our friend.”
  • Sydnee Dickson: “Computer science is a foundational literacy ... and should be part of the fabric of our schools.”
  • Jeremy Andrus: “(Utah) is the best place in the world to build a business. It’s magical. I would never leave. I would never do it elsewhere.”