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Suspected serial bank robber arrested in Salt Lake City

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SALT LAKE CITY — Unified police on Wednesday announced the arrest of a suspected serial bank robber.

Conrad Andrew Trujillo, 54, is suspected of robbing six banks between Oct. 2 and Nov. 7 throughout Salt Lake County.

Working with the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force, officers from the Unified Police Department tracked Trujillo to the Ramada Inn, 2455 S. State, on Wednesday and arrested him. Cash, guns and a vehicle were also seized, according to a prepared statement from Unified police.

Trujillo is accused of robbing:

  • Wells Fargo, 1710 S. Redwood Road, on Oct. 2.
  • Cyprus Credit Union, 7160 S. Union Park Ave., on Oct. 16.
  • University Federal Credit Union, 3088 S. Richmond St., on Oct. 28.
  • Chase Bank, 6275 S. Highland Drive, on Oct. 29.
  • University of Utah Credit Union, 7220 S. Highland Drive, on Nov. 5,
  • Chase Bank at Fashion Place Mall, 6255 S. State, on Nov. 7.

According to court records, Trujillo has an extensive criminal history. He has already been convicted in 2020 of two cases of theft by receiving stolen property, and was charged in August with felony shoplifting, court records state.

Conrad Andrew Trujillo
Conrad Andrew Trujillo
Salt Lake County Jail