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Utah father charged after 7-month-old treated for broken leg, dislocated elbow

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BOUNTIFUL — A no-bail arrest warrant was issued Wednesday for a Bountiful man accused of severely abusing his infant daughter.

Maximiliano Herman Dotta, 27, was charged in 2nd District Court with three counts of child abuse, a second-degree felony.

The investigation began Nov. 14 when a woman brought her 7-month-old daughter to a hospital emergency room because Dotta was being “too rough” with her at their home, according to charging documents.

The infant was transferred to Primary Children’s Hospital where it was determined “the left humerus was fractured requiring surgical intervention. The left elbow was dislocated. The right fibula and tibia were fractured requiring casting,” the charges state.

Bruising was also found on the baby’s face, the charges state.

When interviewed by police, Gotta said he was “frustrated with the child and twisted the baby’s ankle. When confronted about the arm, he stated he may have pulled on the child’s arm harder than normal,” according to charging documents.