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Utah man arrested after assaulting woman with hot coffee, police say

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SALT LAKE CITY — A Utah man was arrested over the weekend after police say he assaulted a woman with hot coffee, causing second-degree burns.

Tracy Martin Strange, 48, was booked into the Box Elder County Jail for investigation for aggravated assault causing serious injury.

Box Elder County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to Bear River Valley Hospital on Sunday on a report of a woman who was being treated for second-degree burns on her back. Deputies interviewed the woman and then went to talk to Strange, according to a police affidavit.

“After making contact ... and hearing the inconsistency of Tracy’s side on what took place, I concluded that a cup of freshly brewed hot coffee was poured by Tracy Strange onto the victim. The evidence of the actual placement of the injury on the victim’s body was (inconsistent) with Tracy’s statement, leaving me to believe that the probability of the assault was no accident and intentional to cause seriously bodily harm to the victim,” a deputy wrote in the affidavit.

The burn on the woman was “the width of the victim’s back and about 6-7 inches in height,” according to the affidavit, and “is going to create a permanent disfiguration of the victim’s skin.”