Utah recently ranked as the state with the highest Christmas spirit and most jolly attitude in a new survey released days ahead of the annual December holiday.


Finder.com ranked every state based on “Christmas spirit,” which was decided based on “how much people were giving and the number of people making donations — Google trends around what people were buying, whether or not they were searching for Christmas songs and the anticipated amount the state is expected to spend on Christmas in 2020.”

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Utah ranked as the state with the most Christmas spirit, ranking just ahead of West Virginia and Iowa.

  • Utah’s percent of tax-filers that donated was at 12.85%, with an average charitable donation of $12,740.
  • The next closest, Tennessee, was at 5.42% and $11,318 donation.
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Interestingly, nearby Nevada ranked as the fourth-most “scroogiest” state. Wyoming and Colorado ranked sixth and seventh on that list, respectively.

  • North Dakota was the “scroogiest” state, followed by Hawaii.