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Cancer survivors to rally at Utah Capitol for ban on use of tanning beds by minors

Spenser Heaps, Deseret News

SALT LAKE CITY — Should children be banned from tanning beds?

The Senate Business and Labor Committee is scheduled to discuss HB34 Friday afternoon. The bill, which passed the House on a 41-31 vote Feb. 13, removes a provision from state law that allows minors to use tanning beds with parental consent, effectively banning their use by children.

The Cancer Action Network will be on Capitol Hill with cancer survivors to call for the bill’s approval, noting the beds raise the risk for skin cancer significantly.

Other bills of note getting hearings Friday include:

• Members of the House Political Subdivisions Committee will review HB322, which creates Utahraptor State Park. It asks for $10 million to fund the new park.

• The House Government Operations Committee will discuss HB283 to create an Outdoor Recreation Strategic Planning Commission to develop a strategic plan aimed at meeting the future needs of outdoor recreation within the state in order to enhance the quality of life of Utah residents.

• Members of the House Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee are looking at HB339, which would create the Clean Air Support special group license plate with donations of recipients of the license plate to be deposited into the Clean Air Fund to fund education, awareness and other programs to promote cleaner air.