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Ogden man injured in knife fight charged with attempted murder

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OGDEN — An Ogden man who was stabbed by his estranged wife’s new boyfriend was charged with attempted murder on Tuesday after prosecutors determined he was the aggressor and the boyfriend was acting in self-defense.

John Dale Perry, 54, is charged in 2nd District Court with attempted murder, a first-degree felony, possession of a weapon by a restricted person, a third-degree felony, and assault, a class B misdemeanor.

On Saturday, police were called to 2080 Washington Blvd. on a report of a stabbing.

“Perry was transported to McKay-Dee Hospital for an apparent puncture wound to the left groin and was in critical condition with a severe bleed,” according to charging documents.

Perry’s wife, who has been separated from Perry for six months, and her boyfriend were taken to Ogden police headquarters for questioning.

The woman told police that she was walking with her new partner “when she suddenly saw John charging” at them while holding a knife, the charges state.

The boyfriend moved in front of the woman and he and Perry began fighting, police say.

“The female recalled seeing John and (the boyfriend) swinging and kicking at each other,” according to the charges.

Perry then turned his attention to his estranged wife and “wrapped his arm around the back of her neck, pulling her toward him, while grabbing her hair by the ponytail. The force of this action caused the female to fall back, taking John with her,” the charges state.

The new boyfriend then began fighting Perry a second time. This time, both were armed with knives, according to the charges.

“As the males fought, the female recalled seeing John suddenly stop fighting, grab at the lower part of his abdomen, and fall to the ground,” the charges say.

The boyfriend told police that Perry had threatened to kill him and his estranged wife before and that he knew Perry had a history of carrying knives, according to the charges.

While fighting with Perry, the boyfriend told police he “produced his own knife from his pocket (and) fearing for his and the female’s lives, swung the blade once at the midsection of John,” the charges state. “(He) made several statements about how he felt like he had done something wrong but didn’t know what else to do. He felt that he had no choice.”

When interviewed at the hospital, Perry said he had been tracking his ex-wife and admitted to being upset by her relationship with the other man, according to the court documents.