COALVILLE — Schools in the North and South Summit School Districts recently received a gift from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office — all thanks to seized drug money.

A handful of officers spent an afternoon last week distributing medical kits at North Summit High School, which will be placed in every classroom in every school in the district.

“These have nothing to do with the coronavirus,” Summit County Sheriff Lt. Andrew Wright assured.

Instead, the kits, which contain tourniquets and other medical equipment used to help trauma victims, can be used to stop bleeding. Wright said the kits could be a life saving addition to the classroom in the event of a natural disaster or active shooter situation.

Officers taught teachers how to tie a tourniquet, apply pressure to a wound, and other basics of treating a trauma patient.

“We are extremely grateful to our sheriff’s department for this kind act,” said Jerre Holmes, superintendent of North Summit School District.

“In the event that something does happen, we have partnered with our schools, with our teachers, to train them on how to respond,” Wright said. “This is one more tool we have for our schools, and specifically our teachers, to hopefully save lives.”

Wright said law enforcement around the country is constantly training school staff on how to respond in the event of a crisis.

“We’re taking it one step further,” Wright said, adding that going forward, the sheriff’s office will make sure teachers and other staff stay up to date on training.

“We hope to never have to use them, but it is comforting to know we have them,” Holmes said.