SALT LAKE CITY — An Arkansas man is accused of sexually assaulting two girls in Cache County several years ago.

Guillermo Farias, 34, of Wickes, Arkansas, was charged Tuesday in 1st District Court with rape of a child, a first-degree felony; and three counts of sexual abuse of a child, a second-degree felony.

A woman recently contacted Logan police to report that in 2012 when she was 12, she developed a “crush” on Farias and “that on some days (they would kiss) romantically several times a day,” according to charging documents.

One day, when the girl was at Farias’ house, he provided her with alcoholic drinks and raped her, the charges state.

Police arranged to have the victim call Farias while detectives monitored the conversation, according to the charges. During the call, the victim expressed concern of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

“Oh, you ain’t gotta worry about that (expletive) because they check that (expletive) out when you go to federal prison,” Farias said, according to charging documents.

Later in the conversation, Farias asked, “‘How long ago was that?’ (The victim) replied, ‘Um, while I think I was 12, so, about eight years ago,’” the charges state.

Farias then said “he was on so many drugs he couldn’t remember Utah. Guillermo did not ever deny on the call that sexual relations occurred, but rather he couldn’t remember because of drugs,” according to charging documents.

As the investigation continued, “a second victim reported possible sexual abuse,” the charges state. That girl told police she was 14 when she also sexually assaulted by Farias in 2012, the charges state.