MAGNA — The Magna Water District has lifted a water boil order that went into effect Thursday after a dead raccoon was found in one of its storage tanks. 

In a statement released Friday, the district said the drinking water was tested on Monday, before the raccoon was discovered, and then again on Wednesday and Thursday by a state-approved testing lab, and “all samples have shown no harmful bacteria was found in either the tank or distribution system.”

The district said once the raccoon was discovered and removed, operators isolated the reservoir from the distribution system and began sampling for bacteriologic contaminants and chlorine residual and then started flushing and disinfecting the distribution system and reservoirs.

The order affected the district’s entire service area, which includes all of Magna Metro Township and portions of West Valley City between 7200 West and 5600 West, and 2820 South and 2100 South. It also includes portions of Salt Lake City located between 7600 West and 7200 West, and 2100 South and 1300 South.