SALT LAKE CITY — A Murray man has been charged with abusing his infant son.

Jessie Lee Hebert, 31, is charged in 3rd District Court with aggravated sexual abuse of child, a first-degree felony, and two counts of child abuse, a second-degree felony. The charges were sealed while authorities attempted to locate and arrest Hebert, a long-haul truck driver, on a $250,000 warrant. He was taken into custody on Monday.

The investigation began in November when police were called to Primary Children’s Hospital “on a report of suspected child abuse” involving a 4-month-old boy who “had subdural hemorrhaging underneath the skull and bruising on his penis,” according to charging documents.

Further examination revealed bruising on the left side of the boy’s scalp, the charges state, and a doctor “determined that the injuries were most likely consistent with trauma.”

Then in December, while Hebert was watching the boy, he sent the boy’s mother a picture “which showed two large red marks on the whites of (the boy’s) eyes.” Hebert claimed the marks were the result of crying or sneezing and refused to take him to the hospital, the charges state.

In January, Hebert was observed swaddling the boy’s arms by hyperextending them behind his back, while holding his mouth shut, according to the charges.

“(The boy) was very distressed during these incidents,” investigators wrote in the charges.

The mother said she also observed Hebert frequently pinching the infant’s penis, making the boy urinate on himself.

“Hebert explained this would prevent (the boy) from peeing in his diaper. (The boy) was distressed and crying during these incidents,” according to the charges.

On Jan. 16, the mother filed for a protective order and took the boy back to Primary Children’s Hospital “where it was determined (he) had large subdural hemorrhages resulting from an injury approximately one to three weeks prior,” the charges state.

The same doctor reexamined the boy “and diagnosed him with new subdural hemorrhages. ... The pictures of the subconjunctival hemorrhages are highly concerning for suffocation/smothering,” according to the charges.