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Police arrest man accused of hitting kids on scooters

SHARE Police arrest man accused of hitting kids on scooters

Chaz Wolford was arrested after police said he hit two juveniles on scooters on Harrison Boulevard and then left the scene on May 14, 2020.

Weber County Jail

OGDEN — A man is being held in Weber County Jail after police say he hit two children riding scooters with his truck last month and then drove off without stopping.

Police announced Thursday that Chaz Wolford, 27, has been arrested for investigation of a hit-and-run involving serious bodily injury, driving without a license and obstruction of justice.

According to a statement from Ogden police, three children — who police said were 13 and 16 years old, though family members confirmed later one boy is 12 — were riding scooters on Harrison Boulevard May 14 when a truck hit the guardrail 150 feet behind them. The truck didn’t stop and drove toward them, hitting two of the kids as they tried to jump over the guardrail to safety.

Police said one of the children was treated for minor injuries by paramedics at the scene while another was significantly injured. According to his mother, Edan, 12, was taken to Primary Children’s Hospital for several broken bones and broken teeth, resulting in him needing surgery.

“I don’t understand how somebody can hit anything — children, animal, or anything — and then just drive away without checking,” Sherry Rynes said last month of her son’s injuries.

Ogden police Thursday said Edan is still recovering at home.

According to a jail booking statement, Wolford was initially booked into jail earlier this month for investigation of theft and his alleged involvement in a home burglary June 7.

Owners of a summer home in Ogden Canyon called police when they tried to enter their home, but found that the door was barricaded, according to the statement. A jeep with several people inside left the garage, and officers located it as it left the area.

According to the statement, Wolford told police he had broken a key box on the house to get the keys, saying he had been given permission by a friend of a friend to be there. However, the owners said they didn’t know Wolford, and they hadn’t given him permission to be in their home.

The owners told police there was damage in the home, and they discovered dirty dishes in the sink and that their food had been eaten. They also reported missing rugs valued near $2,000, according to the statement.