Here are the 2020 Sterling Scholar Northeast Region winners and runners-up

Winners of the 48th annual Sterling Scholar awards for the Northeast Region were announced online on May 7. The students competed in 15 categories: Agricultural Science, Business and Marketing, Computer Technology, Dance, English, Family and Consumer Sciences, General Scholarship, Mathematics, Music, Science, Skilled and Technical Sciences Education, Social Science, Speech/Drama, Visual Arts and World Languages.

All Sterling Scholars are eligible for scholarships from Higher Education Institutions in Utah. Scholarship amounts vary between institutions. Region Sterling Scholar Winners will receive an additional $2,500 check mailed to their account at the higher education institution they are registered to attend. Region Sterling Scholar Runners-up will receive an additional $1,000 check mailed to their account at the higher education institution they are registered to attend.

The winners and runners-up are as follows:

Agriculture Science winner:

Devony Gail Cook, Uintah High School

Parents: Mark and Bonnie Cook, Vernal

Devony Gail Cook, Uintah, Agriculture Science


Adrianne Rowser, North Summit High School

Parent: Shelly Rowser, Henefer

Adrianne Rowser, North Summit, Agriculture Science

Wyatt J. Pentz, Morgan High School

Parents: Justin and Trina Pentz, Morgan

Wyatt J. Pentz, Morgan, Agriculture Science

Business and Marketing winner:

Taylee Ann Elison, Uintah, High School

Parents: John and Kami Elison, Vernal

Taylee Ann Elison, Uintah, Business and Marketing | Geoff Liesik


Elle Erickson, Wasatch High School

Parents: Chad and Tiffany Erickson, Heber City

Elle Erickson, Wasatch, Business and Marketing

Molly Gallagher, Park City High School

Parents: Eileen and Tim Gallagher, Park City

Molly Gallagher, Park City, Business and Marketing

Computer Technology winner:

Tracyn Otterness, North Summit High School

Parents: Tracy and Tonya Otterness, Wanship

Tracyn Otterness, North Summit, Computer Technology


Bethany Helen Christensen, Uintah High School

Parents: Lars and Katie Christensen, Vernal

Bethany Helen Christensen, Uintah, Computer Technology | Geoff Liesik

Gabriel Sherman, Park City High School

Parents: Bob and Melissa Sherman, Park City

Gabriel Sherman, Park City, Computer Technology

Dance winner:

Elle Taylor, Wasatch High School

Parents: Paul and Joni Taylor, Midway

Elle Taylor, Wasatch, Dance


Aubree Adams, Morgan High School

Parents: Ayrion and Brett Myers; Ken and Michelle Adams, Morgan

Aubree Adams, Morgan, Dance | Aubree Adams, Morgan, Dance

Shaun Hicken, Union High School

Parents: Keith and Nerissa Hicken, Myton

Shaun Hicken, Union, Dance

English winner:

Sydney LaPine, Park City High School

Parents: Janet and Armond LaPine, Park City

Sydney LaPine, Park City, English


Shauri Cherie Thacker, Altamont High School

Parents: Dustin and Pennie Thacker, Bluebell

Shauri Cherie Thacker, Altamont, English

Amanda Michelle LeVitre, Uintah High School

Parents: Laura and Jason LeVitre, Vernal

Amanda Michelle LeVitre, Uintah, English | Geoff Liesik

Family and Consumer Sciences winner:

Caden Rodger Smith, Morgan High School

Parents: Jeff and Glenna Smith, Morgan

Caden Rodger Smith, Morgan, Family and Consumer Sciences


Vanessa Torres, Wendover High School

Parents: Joel Torres and Lucia Benitez, Wendover

Vanessa Torres, Wendover, Family and Consumer Sciences

Melanie Henwood, Grantsville High School

Parents: Steven and Natalie Henwood, Grantsville

Melanie Henwood, Grantsville, Family and Consumer Sciences

General Scholarship winner:

Jayce Tyrel Rudd, Morgan High School

Parents: Jason and Cassie Rudd, Morgan

Jayce Tyrel Rudd, Morgan, General


Joshua Benson, Wasatch High School

Parents: James and Lezli Benson, Heber City

Joshua Benson, Wasatch, General

Eleanor Ball, Park City High School

Parents: Samantha and Jonathan Ball, Park City

Eleanor Ball, Park City, General

Instrumental Music winner:

Benjamin Hillam, Wasatch High School

Parents: Barry and Camille Hillam, Midway

Benjamin Hillam, Wasatch, Instrumental Music


Liam Hanrahan, Park City High School

Parents: John and Maura Hanrahan, Park City

Liam Hanrahan, Park City, Instrumental Music

Luke Gunnerson, South Summit High School

Parents: Olivia & Rick Gunnerson, Woodland

Luke Gunnerson, South Summit, Instrumental Music

Mathematics winner:

Michelle Margarita Semadeni, Uintah High School

Parents: Ben and Amanda Semadeni, Vernal

Michelle Margarita Semadeni, Uintah, Mathematics | Geoff Liesik


Jack Skidmore, Park City High School

Parents: Rick and Jill Skidmore, Park City

Jack Skidmore, Park City, Mathematics

Andrew Chappell, Wasatch High School

Parents: Jacob and Christine Chappell, Heber City

Andrew Chappell, Wasatch, Mathematics

Science winner:

Sydney Senn, Park City High School

Parents: Kara and Martin Senn, Park City

Sydney Senn, Park City, Science


Zane Thomas, Grantsville High School

Parents: Jake and Tracy Thomas, Grantsville

Zane Thomas, Grantsville, Science

Benjamin Jacob Floyd, Morgan High School

Parents: Jeremy and Stacey Floyd, Morgan

Benjamin Jacob Floyd, Morgan, Science

Skilled and Technical Sciences Education winner:

Annabella Miller, Park City High School

Parents: Nicholas and Renee Miller, Park City

Annabella Miller, Park City, Skilled and Technical Sciences Education


Jaycie Lynn Beckstrom, Morgan High School

Parents: Shawn and Erika Beckstrom, Morgan

Jaycie Lynn Beckstrom, Morgan, Skilled and Technical Sciences Education

Blake Skovgaard, Wasatch High School

Parents: Jackie and Travis Skovgaard, Heber City

Blake Skovgaard, Wasatch, Skilled and Technical Sciences Education

Social Science winner:

Nathan Curtis, Wasatch High School

Parents: Jennifer and David Curtis, Midway

Nathan Curtis, Wasatch, Social Science


Siri Ahern, Park City High School

Parents: Jack Ahern and Allison Kierstead, Park City

Siri Ahern, Park City, Social Science

Ayla K. Myrin, Altamont High School

Parents: Alarik and Staci Myrin, Duchesne

Ayla K. Myrin, Altamont, Social Science

Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics winner:

Grant Rigby, Wasatch High School

Parents: Krisann and Jared Rigby, Heber City

Grant Rigby, Wasatch, Speech Theater Arts Forensics


Kenadi Gabriela Colton, Uintah High School

Parents: Trent and Jackie Colton, Vernal

Kenadi Gabriela Colton, Uintah, Speech Theater Arts Forensics | Geoff Liesik

Arely Vazquez, Union High School

Parents: Martin Vazquez and Claudia Uribe, Roosevelt

Arely Vazquez, Union, Speech Theater Arts Forensics

Visual Arts winner:

Hannah Moss, Wasatch High School

Parents: Jim and Lindsay Moss, Midway

Hannah Moss, Wasatch, Visual Arts


Anekah Jane Bulloch, Uintah High School

Parents: Ed and Katie Bulloch, Vernal

Anekah Jane Bulloch, Uintah, Visual Arts

Wyatt Richards, Union HIgh School

Parents: Nathan and Billie Richards, Roosevelt

Wyatt Richards, Union, Visual Arts

Vocal Performance winner:

Paul Chiara, Union High School

Parents: Samuel and Jennifer Chiara, Roosevelt

Paul Chiara, Union, Vocal Performance


Jefferson Murdock, Wasatch High School

Parents: Heather and Morgan Murdock, Heber City

Jefferson Murdock, Wasatch, Vocal Performance

Emma Sundahl, Park City High School

Parents: Kerry and Scott Sundahl, Park City

Emma Sundahl, Park City, Vocal Performance

World Languages winner:

Mary Hurner, Park City High School

Parents: Carrie and Burt Hurner, Heber City

Mary Hurner, Park City, World Languages


Parker David Stanley, Morgan High School

Parents: Sherman and Brooke Stanley, Morgan

Parker David Stanley, Morgan, World Languages

Tyese Burton, Grantsville High School

Parents: Blake and Nicole Burton, Grantsville

Tyese Burton, Grantsville, World Languages