OGDEN — A four-unit apartment complex caught fire in Ogden Thursday evening, injuring two people and causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Twenty-four firefighters from the Ogden, North View and Riverdale fire departments responded to the scene at Jefferson Avenue and 600 South. None were injured.

“We had two initiatives when we first got there,” said Ogden Deputy Fire Chief Shelby Willis. “The first one, of course, is to provide search and rescue to make sure we get all the occupants out. The other was to actually find the scene of the fire and attack it. They did both at the same time.”

The fire was contained to the unit where it began, and all the occupants were evacuated, she said.

Two people with minor injuries were evaluated at the scene, and Willis wasn’t sure if they were going to be transported to a hospital.

Fire officials estimate the damage to be around $100,000.

No information has been released about the fire’s cause.