TAYLORSVILLE — The family of a twin toddler killed last week when a car hit her, her sister and mom in Taylorsville said Sunday their faith and support from the community is helping pull them through.

“This has been an unbelievable, tragic event in the lives of our family. It has been difficult to process and comprehend it in our minds. The loss of a precious 2-year-old family member is something no one should ever have to go through. We want to thank the neighbors and first responders that were on scene that did all they could to save their lives,” the family said in a statement read by the twins’ great-uncle, Bob Barney, in a video shared by police.

“We want to thank family, friends and the community for the love, prayers and support. It has been incredible. We as a family feel it and truly appreciate it. Total strangers have come to the memorial to pay tribute and cry with us,” Barney said, becoming tearful.

“The sincere good of people shines brightly through at times like this. Although painfully difficult, our faith and belief in eternal families is helping us through this difficult time. The road ahead for mom and her surviving twin will be long and full of many more difficult challenges. We are grateful for the doctors and the nurses that are caring for mom and baby,” Barney said.

He said the family appreciates the community’s “continued thoughts and prayers on their behalf.”

Heather Marroquin was on a sidewalk walking her twin daughters in a stroller on Tuesday when a car was hit from behind and careened into them at 5095 S. 3200 West, according to Unified police. Hadley Marroquin, 22 months, was killed while her sister Bethany and mother were hospitalized.

The accident was caused by a chain reaction that began when a dog ran in front of the car, causing a truck to hit the car, according to security footage.

Bethany remained at Primary Children’s Hospital Sunday in critical condition, police said.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help the family with medical and funeral expenses.