WEST JORDAN — A person was shot and killed and a West Jordan police officer was injured Sunday after police tried to pull over a stolen pickup truck.

About 8 p.m., West Jordan police were dispatched after a driver reported they were following a truck believed to be stolen recently from a relative, West Jordan Police Sgt. J.C. Holt said.

Two officers found the Chevy truck at 2160 W. 7680 South. When the truck was pulled over, its multiple occupants “did not want to get out,” Holt said.

When one of the occupants eventually did get out, the sergeant said gunfire was exchanged between the officers and someone inside the truck.

Holt did not know who fired shots first, nor how many were fired.

One of the occupants was killed. Holt did not know the person’s gender, age or whether they had a gun.

One of the officers was hit by a bullet in his upper shoulder just above where his ballistic vest reaches, Holt said. The bullet lodged into his shoulder, but the injury did not appear to be life-threatening, Holt said. He was receiving treatment at a hospital late Sunday night.

“We’re grateful that he’s going to be OK,” Holt said, describing the shooting as “a very scary situation” for the officers and neighbors involved.

Police later confirmed the truck had been stolen.

Holt said multiple people who had been in the truck were taken into custody Sunday night.

Investigators were also getting witness accounts from neighbors.

The officer-involved critical incident protocol has been activated, and an outside agency will investigate the shooting.