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Woman seriously injured in attack by group and their dog, Salt Lake police report

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SALT LAKE CITY — A woman suffered serious injuries early Wednesday when she was assaulted by a group of at least three people and their pit bull, according to police.

Shaylie Kaye Campbell, 19, and Ashlyne Niedringhaus, 19, were arrested for investigation of aggravated assault resulting in serious injury. Salt Lake police were looking for at least one other person, a man, Wednesday who they believe was also involved in the assault.

The two women were part of a group that was “hitting and slapping” the 39-year-old victim while she was on the ground at Liberty Park, according to a police affidavit.

Campbell “continued to assault the victim by pulling her hair and slapping her in the face while the victim was on the ground trying to defend herself, being hit and kicked by the group of suspects. The victim sustained serious bodily injury all over her body,” the affidavit states.

While this was happening, a man told his pit bull to “get her,” the affidavit states. The dog bit the woman’s genital area several times as well as her arm, according to the affidavit.

“The physician stated that the victim had 13 separate wounds that needed to be stitched on and around the (genital) area. The physician suspected 5 to 6 separate bites on the victim’s arm,” police wrote in their affidavit.

“The victim had bruising and swelling all throughout her face,” a second affidavit added.

Police say both arrested women are homeless and travel between Utah and Wyoming.