Newly released body camera footage of the incident between Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie in Moab, Utah, revealed new details about what happened to them on their road trip.

On Thursday night, NewsNation Now reporter Brian Entin tweeted seven videos of newly released body camera footage from the Moab incident between the couple.

Moab Police Chief Bret Edge — who has since taken a leave of absence — told the Deseret News in September that Moab police officers responded to an incident involving Petito and Laundrie a few weeks before Petito disappeared.

‘I can still hear her voice’: Arches park ranger warned Gabby Petito her relationship seemed ‘toxic’

Per The Washington Post, Petito and Laundrie had an argument and physical altercation outside of the natural food store Moonflower Community Cooperative.

Petito might have slapped Laundrie, who then “tried to create distance by telling Gabbie to go take a walk to calm down,” according to The Washington Post. Then, Laundrie “grabbed her face and pushed her back,” per The Washington Post.

In one new clip, police approach Gabby Petito to ask about what happened between Petito and Laundrie. After a few questions, Petito reveals why there are scratches on her face.

“He grabbed it with his nail. I definitely have a cut right here. I can feel it. If I touch it, it burns,” Petito said in the video.

You can see the rest of the new Moab body camera footage at Entin’s Twitter account. He tweeted out a thread of videos that show different angles of the coverage.

Melissa Hulls, the visitor and resource protection supervisor at Arches National Park, responded to the possible domestic assault. She told the Deseret News in an exclusive interview that she saw signs of a toxic relationship between the couple.

“I was probably more candid with her than I should’ve been,” Hulls told the Deseret News.

Gabby Petito, who stayed in Utah for weeks, has gone missing

“I was imploring with her to reevaluate the relationship, asking her if she was happy in the relationship with him, and basically saying this was an opportunity for her to find another path, to make a change in her life,” she said.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told WFLA that the Moab incident was proof enough to arrest Laundrie.

“I can tell you that according to Florida law, when she was the victim of domestic violence originally, he would’ve been arrested,” Judd said.