Polls across Utah closed Tuesday at 8 p.m., but it’s likely winners in some municipal elections won’t be known until days after election night.

The first wave of Wasatch Front results in Davis, Salt Lake, Summit, Tooele, Utah and Weber counties arrived shortly after polls closed at 8 p.m. Tuesday. County officials said the first batch contains results from those who submitted their mail-in ballots prior to Election Day.

Some counties plan to release multiple batches of results in waves during the night, while others will wait to post updates in the coming days. None of the elections are final until the respective counties certify election results in mid-November.

Hot races

There were dozens of mayoral elections held across the state this year, including in four of Utah’s 10 largest cities: West Valley City, Orem, Provo and Sandy. One of the most heated and crowded races along the Wasatch Front is the contest for Sandy’s next mayor.

In Sandy, updated election results continue to have Monica Zoltanski leading the pack narrowly ahead of Jim Bennett. Salt Lake County’s ranked choice simulation projected all candidates but Zoltanski and Bennett eliminated from the race, but no set winner. As of Thursday, the race was still too close to call.

Eight candidates packed the race to fill the seat Sandy Mayor Kurt Bradburn decided to give up after he opted not to run for reelection — despite winning a hard-fought election of his own four years ago when he defeated former Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan, who held the seat for 24 years.

Bradburn, however, went on to see a fair amount of controversy during his time as mayor, including giving himself a pay raise (which was later reversed), a drinking water crisis and a tense relationship with the Sandy City Council. When he announced he would not be seeking reelection, Bradburn said he wanted to focus on his family.

Bradburn’s departure means Sandy’s mayoral race is the first in decades absent an incumbent. Sure enough, that drew a large crowd of hopefuls, which hadn’t been whittled down by a primary because Sandy is piloting ranked choice voting this year.

In Provo, incumbent Mayor Michelle Kaufusi holds a large lead over Ken Dudley, a man who was shot during a police brutality protest in Provo last year. Dudley said he was shot in the arm and shrapnel hit his eye and abdomen. Dudley claimed a group of protesters swarmed around his car before one of them shot through the window of his car, but protesters claimed he had tried to ram them before the shooting.

Two people were arrested in connection with the shooting, but Dudley was not charged. Kaufusi has served as mayor since 2017, and also ran as former Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.’s running mate in the Utah gubernatorial election in 2020.

In Utah’s second-largest city, West Valley City, a pair of city council members are running to replace Mayor Ron Bigelow. Councilwoman Karen Lang held a sizable lead over Councilman Steve Buhler through Tuesday night.

Bluffdale is among the other notable mayoral races in the state. The Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office confirmed last week that it is reviewing complaints made against candidate John Roberts at the time he served as the city’s fire chief that emerged weeks before the election. However, Natalie Hall holds a sound lead in that race through the first wave of ballots, leading with 1,960 votes so far.

Elsewhere, Park City Mayor Andy Beerman continued to trailed opponent Nann Worel in his reelection bid, according to updated Summit County results posted Wednesday.

Salt Lake City Council races

Among city council races, the most high profile race is in Utah’s capital city. Five of the seven seats within the Salt Lake City Council are up for election this year. That’s the most of any Wasatch Front community this year.

Early election night results had incumbents Chris Wharton of District 3, Darin Mano of District 5 and Amy Fowler of District 7 with comfortable leads. Preliminary results show each incumbent with over 50% of the vote. 

Meanwhile, it appears residents on Salt Lake City’s west side will have some new representation in City Hall. 

In the crowded District 2 race, Alejandro “Ale” Puy is in the lead, followed by Billy Palmer. Salt Lake County’s ranked choice simulation projects incumbent Dennis Faris and candidates Nigel Swaby and Daniel Tuutau will be eliminated.

Faris, who was appointed by the council in May after Councilman Andrew Johnston took a position with the mayor’s office, is the only incumbent to be eliminated, according to preliminary results. Taking these eliminations into consideration, this gives Puy 56.4% of the vote and Palmer 43.6%. 

District 1 remains tight, although Victoria Petro-Eschler inched further ahead Thursday with 52.7% of the vote, followed by Blake Perez with 47.3%. She currently holds a 163 vote edge. Salt Lake County’s ranked choice simulation projects Richard D.M. Barnes will be eliminated. Both Petro-Eschler and Perez are vying for an open seat after James Rogers stepped down in early October.

The City Council is set to pick a replacement for Rogers on Tuesday, Nov. 9 — it’s likely the council will select the winner of Tuesday’s election. However, as the county continues to tabulate votes in what is proving to be a close race, it’s unclear when a clear winner will emerge.

Dr. Kevin Clark, of Bountiful, drops off his ballot outside of the Davis County Library’s South Davis Branch in Bountiful on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021. | Kristin Murphy, Deseret News

Ranked choice voting

Election results will be calculated differently in nearly two dozen Utah communities this year. There are 23 towns and cities enrolled in the state’s ranked choice voting pilot program.

Those are: Bluffdale; Cottonwood Heights; Draper; Elk Ridge, Utah County; Genola, Utah County; Goshen, Utah County; Heber City; Lehi; Magna; Millcreek; Midvale; Moab; Newton, Cache County; Nibley, Cache County; Payson (second time using ranked choice voting); River Heights, Cache County; Riverton; Salt Lake City; Sandy; Springville; South Salt Lake; Vineyard (second time using ranked choice voting); and Woodland Hills, Utah County.

Voters in those municipalities were asked to rank candidates from first to last. If any candidate in those elections receives over 50% of the vote, that candidate wins.

If nobody receives the majority of the votes, counties may conduct a second “phase,” where the candidate with the least amount of votes is eliminated and second-place results among voters of the eliminated candidate are distributed to the remaining candidates. These phases will continue as many times as needed until one candidate surpasses 50%.

How will that look in the results? Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swensen said Tuesday that the final results of ranked choice voting elections in Utah’s most-populated county won’t come until the canvassing date of Nov. 16. However, the county will provide an “RCV visualizer” this year, an interactive chart that shows how each round will play out based on unofficial results up until Nov. 16.

It’s important to note the RCV visualizer is not final and does not depict the final outcomes of the contest until all eligible ballots have been tabulated.

Preliminary Wasatch Front election results from Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, Weber, Summit and Tooele counties will be updated throughout the evening as counties report more totals. Election results aren’t official until certified by county officials in two weeks.

Davis County



 Kendalyn Keyes Harris: 8,627

 Randy Lewis (inc.): 4,392

City Council

Jesse Bell: 7,230

Cecilee Price-Huish: 6,740

Beth Child: 6,159

Seth Robert Wright: 3,488



Clark Wilkinson (inc.): 3,337

Lawrence Wright: 1,743

City Council

Gina Hirst: 2,868

Spencer Summerhays: 2,833

Nannette S. Smith: 2,062

Stephanie (McIntyre) Ivie (inc.): 1,850

Bond Proposition

For: 2,284

Against: 2,053



Mark R. Shepherd (inc.): 1,704

City Council (Vote for up to two)

Tim Roper (inc.): 1,517

Karece Thompson (inc.): 1,439

Write-in: 83



Brandon Stanger: 1,916

Lane “Mitch” Adams (inc.): 1,856

City Council (Vote for up to two)

Marie Dougherty: 3,098

Gary Tyler: 1,672

Michael Petersen (inc.): 1,561



Brett Anderson: 3,066

Rebecca Wayment: 2,019

City Council (Vote for up to two)

Alex B. Leeman: 2,790

Melissa Allphin Layton: 2,505

Shawn J. Beus (inc.): 2,267

Tyler L. Turner: 1,662



John M. Pohlman (inc.): 1,076

Laura Hubrich: 685

City Council (Vote for up to two)

Florence Sadler: 1,210

George Ray: 1,125

Korrin Dickson: 602



Tamara (Tami) Tran: 4,894

Jay Welk: 3,258

City Council (Vote for up to two)

Abbigayle (Abbi) Hunt: 4,091

Perry R. Oaks: 4,086

Andre M Lortz (inc.): 3,566

Nate Jackson: 3,081

Proposition 8

For: 5,663

Against: 2,435



Joy Petro: 10,258

City Council (Vote for up to two)

Tyson Roberts: 6,763

Bettina Smith Edmondson: 5,394

Jesse Barocio: 5,038

C J Benson: 4,584



Brian J. Horrocks: 2,497

Gary Widders: 609

City Council (Vote for up to two)

Alisa VanLangeveld: 1,746

Lisa Baskin (inc.): 1,603

Tammy Clayton: 1,322

Mitch Torgerson: 1,124



Rod Westbroek: 1,205

Wayne Winsor: 996

City Council (vote for two)

Joel Dills: 1,225

Angie Petty (inc.): 1,018

T G George (Write-in): 923

Marty McFadden: 583

Proposition 14

For: 1,270

Against: 894



D. Howard Madsen (inc.): 369

Beverly K. Macfarlane: 325

Linda L. Kight (Write-in): 20

City Council (Four year term)

Scott S. Wiggill (inc.): 422

Nancy Greco Smalling (inc.): 393

Ryan Furniss: 291

Ronald Fish Wilson: 122

City Council (Two year term)

Nakisha Rigley (Write-in): 210



Dave Maughan: 2,841

Michael Gailey (inc.): 2,428

City Council (Vote for up to two)

Jordan B. Savage (inc.): 3,046

Jennifer Carver: 2,274

Paul Watson: 2,199

Brett D. Cragun: 2,150



Kenneth Romney (inc.): 1,149

City Council (Vote for up to two)

Mark Preece (inc.): 757

Kelly Enquist (inc.): 705

Michelle Curtis: 640

Jessica Gertsch: 400



Brian Vincent: 1,215

Gary L Petersen: 1,145

City Council (Vote for up to two)

Brad Lee: 1,415

Michele Swenson: 1,143

Andy Dawson (inc.): 1,009

Jeremy Strong: 812



Ryan Westergard: 1,488

City Council (Vote for up to two)

Jessica Kelemen: 1,156

Gary Sharp: 823

Jim Grover: 692

Tamra Dayley (inc.): 452

Salt Lake County



Roger Bourke: 79

Council At-Large

John Byrne: 68

Carolyn Anctil: 55

Margaret Bourke (inc.): 49

BLUFFDALE (ranked choice)


Natalie Hall: 1,960

John Roberts: 612

City Council at-large seat No. 1

Wendy Aston (inc.): 670 (currently leading in ranked choice projection)

Traci Crockett: 872

Connie Robbins: 549

Blain Dietrich: 229

Tammy L. Rasmussen: 184

City Council at-large seat No. 2

Traci Crockett (inc.): 1,251

Connie Robbins: 714

Blain Dietrich: 278

Tammy Rasmussen: 242



Dan Knopp (inc.): 144

City Council At-Large (two seats)

Carolyn Keigley (inc.): 145

Keith Zuspan (inc.): 103

Eli Lovett: 64

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS (ranked choice)


Mike Weichers: 3,094

Eric Kraan: 2,645

Maile Evans: 1,649

Ed Schwartz: 437

Timothy Hallback: 288

City Council 3

Shawn Newell: 842

Mike Hanson: 668

David Rawlings: 480

Rumar Boman: 77

E. Samuel McShaffrey: 31

City Council 4

Ellen Birrell: 1,205

Ernie Kim: 1,106

Lee Anne Walker: 144

DRAPER (ranked choice)


Troy Walker (inc.): 4,481

City Council at-large seat No. 1

Mike Green (inc.): 2,691

Hubert Huh: 2,483

Russ Fugal: 554

Will Ashby: 516

Danita Rouzer: 326

Rachelle Farley: 232

City Council at-large seat No. 2



Lorin Palmer: 3,800

Clint Smith: 2,253

City Council 2

Teddy Hodges: 922

Aly Escobar: 425

City Council 3

Sherrie Ohrn (inc.): 1,024



Robert Dahle (inc.): 4,485

City Council 1

D. Ty Brewer: 664

Melissa Blackham Hilton: 599

City Council 3

Paul Fotheringham (inc.): 862



Marcus Stevenson: 1,997

Robert Hale (inc.): 1,911

Amanda Hollingsworth: 469

City Council 4

Bryant Brown (inc.): 689

City Council 5

Dustin Gettel (inc.): 651

Wayne Sharp: 218

MILLCREEK (ranked choice)

City Council 2

Thom Desirant: 848 (currently leading in ranked choice projection)

Jeremiah Clark: 951

Angel Vice: 596

Lynda Bagley-Gibson: 187

City Council 4

Bev Uipi (inc.): 1,681

Bruce Parker: 1,285

Beverly Boyce: 481

Rex Williams: 342



Brett Hales: 5,646

Clark Bullen: 3,843

City Council 2

Pamela Cotter: 1,066

Joe Silverzweig: 830

City Council 4

Diane Turner (inc.): 1,035

Daren Rasmussen: 567

RIVERTON (ranked choice)


Trent Staggs (inc.): 4,474

City Council 3

Tawnee McCay (inc.): 763

City Council 4

Tish Buroker (inc.): 1,049

SALT LAKE CITY (ranked choice)

City Council 1

Victoria Petro-Eschler: 1,495

Blake Perez: 1,293

Richard Barnes: 297

City Council 2

Alejandro “Ale” Puy: 1,010

Billy Palmer: 692

Dennis Faris (inc.): 374

Daniel Tuutau: 149

Nigel Swaby: 143

City Council 3

Chris Wharton (inc.): 3,458

Casey O’Brien McDonough: 1,135

David Berg: 957

City Council 5

Darin Mano (inc.): 2,780

Sarah Reale: 1,365

Amy Hawkins: 1,077

George Chapman: 276

Vance Hansen: 47

City Council 7

Amy Fowler (inc.): 3,667

Ben Raskin: 1,604

Rainer Huck: 344

SANDY (ranked choice)


Monica Zoltanski: 3,639

Jim Bennett: 3,402

Kris Nicholl: 2,167

Linda Saville: 2,161

Brooke Christensen: 1,943

Mike Applegarth: 1,654

Marci Houseman: 1,426

Ronald Jones: 1,127

City Council At-Large

Brooke D’Sousa: 5,413

Aaron Dekeyzer: 4,957

Kristen Wray: 2,165

Rebecca Colley: 1,688

Steven Calbert: 1,507

Evan Tobin: 926

City Council 1

Ryan Mecham: 1,275 (currently leading in ranked choice projection)

Katie Johnson: 1,281

Jeffory Mulcahy: 721

City Council 3

Zach Robinson: 2,874

Jim Edwards: 1,975

Bekah Craig: 629



Dawn Ramsey (inc.): 11,393

Stone Fonua: 1,047

City Council 3

Don Shelton (inc.): 2,925

City Council 4

Jason McGuire (inc.): 1,947



Cherie Wood (inc.): 1,652

Jake Christensen: 619

L. Shane Siwik: 552

City Council At-Large

Clarissa Williams: 1,391

Olivia Spencer: 1,285

City Council District 2

Corey Thomas (inc.): 223

Sam Garfield: 190

City Council District 3

Sharla Bynum (inc.): 359

Aileen Hampton: 160



Kristie Steadman Overson (inc.): 5,430

City Council District 3

Anna Barbieri (inc.): 1,113

City Council District 4

Meredith Harker (inc.): 946

City Council District 5

Robert (Bob) Knudsen: 907

Larry Johnson: 820


City Council At-Large (three seats)

Kayleen Whitelock (inc.): 5,094

Kelvin Green (inc.): 4,525

Pamela Bloom: 4,495

Chad Lamb (inc.): 4,212

Mikey Smith: 2,354

Mike S. Withers: 2,159



Karen Lang: 6,397

Steve Buhler: 4,531

City Council At-Large

Lars Nordfel (inc.): 6,375

Jim Vesock: 3,780

City Council District 2

Scott Harmon: 1,969

Chris Bell: 1,333

City Council District 4

Jake Fitisemanu (inc.): 1,674

Darrell Curtis: 1,453

Summit County



Mark R. Marsh: 273

Lynn Wood: 225

City Council

Louise Willoughby: 293

Steven B. Richins: 259

Stefanie Bowen: 218

Christopher Horne: 185



Matt McCormick: 458

City Council

David W. Darcey: 330

Jessica Allen Bateman: 239

Kandilee Sauter: 230

Natalie Ruth Souza: 148



Zane K. Woolstenhulme: 298

Joe B. Frazier: 263

City Council

Kelly Kimber: 408

Steve M. Wilmoth: 266

Clayton Page: 207

Marissa Dillman: 189



Nann Worel: 2,010

Andy Beerman: 1,274

City Council

Tana Toly: 2,165

Jeremy Rubell: 2,083

Tim B. Henney: 1,405



Craig Fry: 1,002

Tyler Lewis: 910

Snyderville Service Area No. 3 Upper

Benjamin Arnold: 57

Suzanne Carpenter: 91

Snyderville Service Area No. 3 Lower

Henry Adams (write-in): 54

Paul Kraus (write-in): 46

Ryan Stouffer (write-in): 41

Steven Wilson (write-in): 21

Park City School District Bond

For: 5,590

Against: 3,095

County General Obligation Bond

For: 8,381

Against: 3,848

Tooele County


City Council District 1

Scott Droubay: 143

David Judd: 88

City Council District 2

Mindy Walters: 76

Terry Miner: 107

City Council District 3

Joshua Martin: 162

Larry Hatfield: 50

City Council District 4

Craig Smith: 135

Keith Toone: 121

City Council District 5

Lorri Witowski: 93

Jess Bird: 121

Stansbury Recreation Service Area Board Member

Scott Klein: 538

John H. Wright: 632

Cassandra Arnell: 737

Michael R. Johnson: 487

Stansbury Park Improvement Board Member:

Neil Smart: 817

Adele Connell Young: 650

Brock Griffith: 863



John Scott Stice: 1,288

Neil Critchlow: 1,451

City Council

Derek Dalton: 998

Erik Stromberg: 1,280

Jolene Jenkins: 1,454

Scott Bevan: 1,445


Town Council

Lacey Burrows: 96

Jeremiah Harding: 100

Nickie Gillins-Anderton: 34



Joe Johnston: 78

Nando Meli Jr.: 105

Stockton Town Council

David Nutzman: 111

Dallas Van Vliet: 102

Henry Thomas: 106



Debbie Winn: 3,314

Ed Hansen: 2,227

City Council

Maresa Manzione (inc.): 2,606

Matt Robinson: 2,386

Dave McCall: 2,603

Melodi Gochis (inc.): 2,565



Dennis Sweat: 39

Manuel Gomez: 19

Utah County



Carla Merrill: 2,052

Gary Cooper: 894

City Council four-year term (pick two)

Kelli B. Law: 2,027

Jason Thelin: 2,018

Ed Bush: 1,027

City Council two-year term (pick one)

Jessica Smuin: 1,877

Ethan Allen: 1,041



Brad Frost: 3,890

Tim Holley: 977

City Council (vote for two)

Staci Carroll: 3,828

Ryan Hunter: 3,812

Carissa George: 1,117

Proposition 5

For: 3,705

Against: 1,199



Wyatt Cook: 108

Maria Fernandez (write-in): 43

City Council:

Brad Norris (Seat A): 134

Rett Messersmith (Seat B): 105

Greg Cutburth (Seat B): 47

Jed Berry (Seat C): 98



Denise Andersen (unopposed): 1,444

City Council

Laura Ellison (inc.): 1,221

Alexandra McEwen: 765

Bob Morgan: 500

Britney Lindsey: 436



Tom Westmoreland: 1,845

Melissa Clark: 1,607

City Council (vote for two)

Brett Wright: 2,018

Donna Rivera Burnham (inc.): 1,701

Rich Wood: 1,617

Jason Allen: 1,146



Robert Haddock: 369

Gordon Reynolds: 284

George D. Potter: 119

City Council

Tanya Willis: 347

Jared Peterson: 275



Mary Larson: 145

Giala S. Murdoch: 53

City Council (four-year term)

Hale Robison: 93

Grant Lundberg: 46

Daron S. Hughes: 28



Kurt Ostler (unopposed): ​​3,059

City Council

Sarah D. Petersen: 1,916

Scott L. Smith (inc.): 1,819

Jerry Abbott: 1,789

Colby Gibson: 1,336

Proposition 1

Against: 2,457

For: 1,229

Proposition 11

For: 2,338

Against: 1,353

LEHI (ranked choice)


Mark I. Johnson: 3,894

Jesse L. Riddle: 2,334

City Council (4-year term)

Chris Condie: 3,073

Michelle Miles: 1,921

Paul Hancock: 1,559

Nicole Kunze: 1,126

Cami Purtschert: 742

Lori McIntosh Le: 603

Aaron Bullen: 495

Montane C. Hamilton: 237

Ethan M. Erickson: 177

Proposition 7

For: 3,845

Against: 2,281



Carolyn Lundberg: 1,433

Shawn D. Moon: 1,210

City Council (vote for two)

Jake Hoyt: 1,746

Van Broderick: 1,381

Cole D. Hooley: 1,034

Jennifer Price: 765



Dallas Hakes (unopposed): 1,517

City Council (vote for two)

Kasey Beck: 1,286

E. Reid Carlson: 941

A.J. Rounds: 875

Jim Lundberg: 853



David A. Young: 7,422

Jim Evans: 5,360

City Council (vote for three)

LaNae Millett: 9,026

David M. Spencer: 8,260

Tom MacDonald (inc.): 6,106

Quinn Mecham: 4,571

Shaunte Ruiz Zundel: 3,991



Michelle Kaufusi (inc.): 8,092

Kenneth W. Dudley: 2,644

City Council city wide

Katrice MacKay: 5,715

Aaron Skabelund: 4,488

Tom Sitake Sr. (write-in): 405

City Council District 2

George Handley (unopposed): 847

City Council District 5

Rachel Whipple: 622

Coy D. Porter: 531



Kurt L Christensen (unopposed): 1,467

City Council (vote for two)

Cristy Simons: 1,064

Kelly Peterson: 877

Jeff Long: 794

Jason B. Stewart: 641



Dan Olson: 1,605

Jody Reid: 466

City Council (vote for two)

Art Adcock: 1,100

Jeff Siddoway: 1,013

Betsy Montoya (inc.): 928

Micheal Weight: 818



Jim Miller (unopposed): ​​2,262

City Council (vote for two)

Stephen L. Willden (inc.): 2,017

Michael D. S. McOmber (inc.): 1,719

Nic Laughter: 464

Ricky Felix: 375



Mike Mendenhall: 4,135

Derek Geslison: 1,067

City Council (vote for two)

Kevin Oyler: 3,173

Shane Marshall (inc.): 2,865

Mike Clayson: 1,944

Bret Bills: 1,708



Matt Packard: 3,381

Matthew Norman Bradley: 445

Ryan Miller: 501

City Council (4-year term)

Dale Watson: eliminated

Craig Jensen: 2,292 (second seat)

Michael Snelson: 2,581 (first seat)

Craig Conover: eliminated

Marcia Conover-Harris: eliminated

Ximena M. Bishop: eliminated

Amanda Miller: eliminated

City Council (2-year term)

Chris Sorensen:

Lyle Wert:

Kelly Jensen:

Proposition 15

For: 3,006

Against: 1,347



Julie Fullmer: 597

Marc Brimhall: 57

Maria Guadalupe Cane: 38

City Council (1st seat)

Mardi Sifuentes: 359

Amber Rasmussen: 397

Kristal C. Price (write-in): 125

Nef Pacheco: 49

City Council (2nd seat)

Amber Rasmussen: 397

Kristal C. Price: 248

Nef Pacheco: 135



Brent Winder: 174

Mike Lauritzen: 140

Benjamin J Hillyard: 80

City Council (1st seat)

Janet Lunt: 196

Toby M. Harding: 114

Dorel B. Kynaston: 74

Cody Chamberlain: 26

City Council (2nd seat)

Dorel B. Kynaston: 171

Toby M. Harding: 130

Cody Chamberlain: 69

Weber County



Ken Phippen: 977

Z. Lee Dickemore: 952

City Council

Katie A. Williams: ​​1,008

Boyd Ferrin: 1,338

Bruce N. Richins: 937



Michelle Tait: 927

Larry Lilly: ​​228

City Council

Maxwell Jackson: 770

Stephen Weiss: 714

Jeffery Pearce: 371

David Schad: 195

City Council (two-year term)

Kenny Loveland: 1,015


City Council (Districts 1 and 2)

Bryce Wilcox: 471

Chris Paulsen:  204

City Council (Districts 3 and 6)

Lisa L. Northrop: 524

Scott Boerstra (withdrew)

City Council (Districts 4 and 5)

Debra Marigoni: 346

Brad Ostler: 234



Richard L. Sorensen: 190

Doug Allen: 108

Town Council

Artie Powell: 194

Sandy Hunter: 190

Santos Arroyo: 122



S. Neal Berube: 3,884

City Council (two)

Jay D Dalpias: 2,379

Blake D. Cevering: 2,366

Spencer C. Stephens: 1,890

Stefanie Casey: 1,813


City Council (District 1)

Angela Choberka: 738

Thomas H. Gooch: 411

City Council (District 3)

Ken Richey: 1,226

Priscilla Martinez: 1,152

City Council (At Large A)

Marcia l. White: 5,168

Daniel J.Gladwell: 3,370

City Council (At Large B)

Bart Blair: 4,579

Sebastian Benitez: 3,862



John Beesley: 1,427

Miles Robinson: 522

City Council

Jed Jenkins: 1,429

Luigi Panunzio: 1,372



Leonard Call: 1,810

Write-in totals: 254

City Council

Phillip L. Nelsen: 1,631

Steven Gibson: 1,621

Write-in totals: 129



Braden D. Mitchell: 1,347

City Council (two)

Anne K. Hansen: 947

Bart Stevens: 916

Karina E. Merrill: 764

Jeffrey F Savage: 168



Robert E. Dandoy: 4,569

City Council (two)

Sophie Paul: 3,102

Randy R. Scadden: 3,057

Kevin Homer: 1,872

Ashlee Kurys: 1,186



Russell L. Porter:  2,439

City Council (two-year seat)

Jeanette C. Smyth: 1,704

Brandon Dominguez: 975

City Council (two)

Susan Stewart: 1,812

Mike Howard: 1,684

Jeremy Howe: 997



Gordon S. Cutler: 331

City Council (two)

Kristi Bell: 321 

Michelle H. Roberts: 156

Austin Bennion: 144

Rob Guiller: 115



Mark C. Allen: 1,050

Brett Degroot: 558

City Council

Jill Christiansen: 987 

Jeff West: 798

Larry D. Weir: 579

Nathan Howard: 577



Rob Vanderwood: 2,021 

Sharon Arrington Bolos: 1,401

City Council (two)

Ryan Saunders: 1,992 

Jonathan “Ryan” Swapp: 1,675 

Clarence L. Kelley: 1,382

David E. Smith: 870

Hooper Water District

Board of Trustees At-Large

Wayne B. Haws: 3,133

Board of Trustees Div. 3

Cole Tubbs: 461

Gary M. Kapp:  222

Weber Fire District

Board of Trustees At-Large (two)

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Kevin Ward: 2,445

Dan Ianniello: 1,426

Kerry W. Gibson 1,194

Contributing: Carter Williams, Katie McKellar, Jacob Klopfenstein, Kyle Dunphey, Tyler Pratt

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