SALT LAKE CITY — A basement fire forced the evacuation of several people, but also 18 animals on Saturday.

The fire, at 452 N. 1400 West, resulted in the displacement of four adults who were living there, but also six dogs, three tortoises, three cats, one parrot, three snakes and two lizards, according to Salt Lake City Fire Department.

Fire officials tweeted about the rescue on Saturday and said “unfortunately, one bird was lost” in the fire. No humans were injured in the fire, but they all had to find a different place to stay for the time being.

A fundraising page was set up for the owner of the pets, Erika Sabrowski, a cancer and multiple sclerosis survivor who is widely known as the director of the volunteer program for the FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention.

The animals all have temporary homes, but will need further assistance in finding a new home, the gofundme page states.

The cause of Saturday’s fire remains under investigation.