OGDEN — As a police officer repeatedly told Dino Raul Morales to drop his gun, video shows that Morales sat on the closed tailgate of a pickup truck and replied, “Nope.”

Moments later, at least nine shots were fired by police, killing Morales.

Ogden police released the body camera video from the Feb. 6 shooting on Tuesday.

On that day, officers were originally called to the 100 block of 26th Street on a report of a woman who was a victim of a sexual assault, aggravated assault and robbery. The woman was not seriously injured, but the attacker took her car.

About 3 12 hours later, police spotted her stolen vehicle near 30th Street and Washington Boulevard and pulled it over near a gas station. According to audio from the officer’s police radio also released on Tuesday, officers approached the vehicle at gunpoint, but the driver — Morales — ran.

Officers chased Morales, 28, through an alley and into a residential area. They lost sight of him but followed footprints in the snow to an open garage/shed in the 2900 block of Grant Avenue.

Body camera video starts just as an officer approaches the shed and begins to search it at gunpoint. As he walks to the back of the open shed, the footprints come to an end near a pickup truck that was parked underneath the structure.

“I’ve got footsteps, still heading west,” the officer is heard saying on his police radio.

As the officer gets near the bed of the pickup, it’s unclear if he can see inside the truck from his vantage point, but he immediately yells, “Show me your hands! Show me your hands!” while pointing his gun at the bed of the truck.

That’s when a man, later identified was Morales, who had been lying in the bed of the truck slowly pops his head up in the video.

“What do you mean?” he asks the officer. “This is my house, dude.”

But as Morales slowly gets up, he is keeping his right hand hidden behind him. As he stands, the officer sees a gun in his right hand.

“He’s got a gun,” the officer calls out on his radio while backing up for cover.

Morales then sits on the closed tailgate in the video, with one leg outside the truck and the other still inside the bed while still holding the gun.

“Drop the (expletive) gun,” the officer orders.

Twice, Morales replies, “Nope.”

Morales appears to keep the gun in his hand at his side the entire time but does not obey police orders to drop it. At least nine shots are then fired by police, causing Morales to fall back into the bed of the pickup.

“Shots fired,” the officer calls out on his radio, noting that the victim has been shot multiple times in the chest and stomach.

As officers surround the bed of the truck, they continue to yell orders in the video such as, “Do not move” and “Show me your hands.”

“Show me your hands, dude. All you gotta do is drop the gun,” an officer yells.

Morales, who died on scene, does not respond. An officer then reaches into the truck bed and grabs Morales’ gun to get it away from him. Other officers then jump in to give medical aid.

A Ruger .380 handgun loaded with 15 rounds was recovered by police.

Morales, from California, was restricted from possessing a gun and had not been in northern Utah very long, according to police. Investigators say he had no connection to the house where he was found and the homeowners did not know he was in their shed.

Two Ogden police officers were placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. The Weber County Force Investigation Team has not yet completed its report, which will be submitted to the Weber County Attorney’s Office for review.