PROVO — A man who allegedly accidentally stabbed his young daughter in the foot believing someone else was in bed with his wife is facing a felony abuse charge.

Miguel Francisco Rodriguez-Vega, 34, of Provo, was charged Friday in 4th District Court with child abuse, a third-degree felony; and intoxication, a class C misdemeanor.

On Wednesday, about 3 a.m., police said Rodriguez-Vega had been up all night drinking while his wife and their six children were in the house, according to charging documents.

“At one-point Miguel got up and went into his bedroom where his wife and infant daughter were sleeping in the bed. Miguel began stabbing the bed with a knife and stabbed his daughter’s left foot,” the charges state.

According to police, there were a large number of pillows and blankets stacked up near his wife in the bed, and Rodriguez-Vega apparently believed someone else was in the bed with her. That's when he stabbed the sheets, and subsequently stabbed his 23-month-old daughter, according to the charges.

“Miguel’s wife screamed that Miguel had stabbed the baby’s foot. Miguel then left the bedroom, holding the knife, got more beers and went outside,” the charges state.