PARK CITY — A man was run over and killed by his own van in Summit County on Wednesday.

Just after 3:30 p.m., a cargo van lost traction while trying to go up a hill on Saint Moritz Strasse in Summit Park. The area, which has several steep to moderate hills, typically has snow-covered and icy roads during the winter, and it had been snowing that day, said Summit County Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright.

The driver had gotten out of his van and was walking downhill toward a snowplow when the van began sliding backward down the icy road, Wright said.

“The male went behind the van and attempted to stop it. Unfortunately, he was run over and pinned between the van, a snowbank and a tree,” he said. “The incident was nothing short of a weather-related tragic accident.”

The snowplow driver who witnessed the accident attempted to help by digging in the snow around the man to try and free him. Ultimately, a front-end loader with chains on its tires had to be brought to the scene to pull the van off of the victim and recover his body, according to Wright.

The name of the victim, a man in his 40s from Salt Lake County who was believed to be a delivery driver, was not immediately released.