KEARNS — A man is dead after his wife called police when the man threatened to shoot their 15-year-old grandson on Saturday.

The man was reportedly holding a gun to his grandson’s head, according to Unified police spokeswoman Melody Cutler. She said the grandmother and four children ages 10 to 15 left the home and fled to a neighbor’s home near 5700 West and China Clay Drive.

When police arrived at the home around 8 p.m. Saturday there were two shots fired inside the home and the man then barricaded himself inside. Cutler said he came out four times, yelling each time.

“The last time the grandfather came out, he pointed his gun and fired additional shots at officers,” she said. The officers fired back and the man was killed.

Police have not released his identity.

Cuter said three officers were involved in the altercation, two with West Valley City police and another with Unified police. None of the officers were injured.

The four children reside at the home with their grandparents.

There is no history of domestic violence at the home, police said.