PARK CITY — Police were called Saturday night to break up a fight between a taxi driver and a passenger who apparently wasn’t wearing a mask and then allegedly blew air into the driver’s face.

The incident happened in front of the Sundial Lodge near the Canyons Village resort in Park City.

A taxi driver had picked up a man on Saturday night and was driving him back to his hotel. The cab had plexiglass between the front and back seats and signs posted telling passengers they need to wear masks, said Summit County Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright.

The cab driver told deputies that his passenger, a 33-year-old man from Louisiana, kept pulling his mask down to talk on his phone. The driver allegedly slammed on his brakes at one point to get the man to wear his mask.

The passenger claimed that the 47-year-old taxi driver was driving erratically all the way back to the hotel, Wright said.

Once they arrived at the destination, the passenger got out and walked to the cab driver’s window and blew air into his face while saying something to the effect of, “Now you have it,” according to police.

That prompted the taxi driver to get out of his car and fight the passenger. When police arrived, the two were still on the ground wrestling, Wright said.

Because each side’s account of what happened is so different, Wright said once detectives have completed their investigation, they will submit their report to the Summit County Attorney’s Office to determine whether any charges should be filed in the case.