LAYTON — Police have identified a second woman allegedly abused by a Davis County gymnastics coach.

Kelly Christian Brown, 31, of Layton, was charged on Jan. 14 in 2nd District Court with object rape, a first-degree felony; three counts of forcible sexual abuse and two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, both second-degree felonies; and two counts of dealing in harmful materials to a minor, a third-degree felony.

He is accused of sexually abusing one of his gymnastics students, a 15-year-old girl, in Layton.

Police say after Brown’s arrest received attention in the media, another woman contacted detectives alleging that she was also a victim in 2013 when she was 15 and Brown was her gymnastics coach at another facility in Davis County.

On Jan. 15, amended information was filed in 2nd District Court to include additional charges of object rape, a first-degree felony; forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony; and dealing in harmful materials to a minor, a third-degree felony.

According to the updated charging documents, “victim 2 saw the media announcement of Brown’s arrest and decided she needed to come forward to disclose the abuse happening to her.”

Brown was 23 at the time the second victim was abused, court documents state. It started by Brown constantly texting and messaging the teen girl, and evolved into illegal contact during private gymnastics lessons and Brown sending the girl explicit photos, the charges state.

During an approximately six-month period, Brown sent the girl numerous messages complimenting her on her appearance, according to a search warrant affidavit.

“In the Facebook messages, Kelly told (the girl), ‘Hell just seeing you naked would be worth the wait!!’ and he frequently compliments her body and calls her gorgeous. I recognized these as grooming behaviors based on my training and experience,” the investigating officer wrote in the affidavit.

A preliminary hearing for Brown is scheduled for March 8.