Photo of the day: Weather keeps Balloon Fest grounded

Poor weather on Friday kept some 25 hot air balloon from soaring into the sky as part of the America’s Freedom Festival Balloon Fest.

Although the balloons couldn’t lift off, that didn’t stop spectators from swarming to Bulldog Field in Provo to walk around the balloons as they were being inflated. The balloonists will try again Saturday and Monday to get off the ground.

Organizers of the festival, now in its 34th year, advise spectators to arrive at 6 a.m. to get the best views of the balloons being inflated.

If and when the balloons launch, pilots will participate in the hare-and-hound competition, where “hound” balloons try to drop beanbags onto a target laid out by the “hare.” Pilots obtain additional points through jousting as they attempt to pop large balloons with sharp sticks 200 to 300 feet above the ground.

Bulldog Field is located at 1100 N. Freedom Blvd.