'Sled Zeppelin' and 'Rudy Snowbert': Salt Lake's snowplow fleet now has names

There aren't any major snowstorms in the immediate forecast, but when the next one arrives in Salt Lake City, you can bet Sled Zeppelin will ramble on out there and clear a roadway to heaven.

Yes, one of the city's snowplows is now named "Sled Zeppelin." In fact, it was the top vote-getter in a recent poll to rename the city's snowplow fleet, Salt Lake City transportation officials announced Friday.

The other winners are:

  • "The Notorious P.L.O.W."
  • "Flake Effect"
  • "Ice Eccles"
  • "Snowy McSnowFace"
  • "Snowbi Wan Kenobi"
  • "Rudy Snowbert"
  • "No More Mr. Ice Guy"
  • "Jon Bon Snowvi"
  • "Sugar Plows"

City officials announced the light-hearted contest on Dec. 7, where people were asked to vote on names broken down into four categories: Salt Lake City puns, general puns, movies and music. Over 4,000 people participated in the voting process, according to the poll data.

Voters were allowed to choose multiple names within each category. "Sled Zeppelin" — one of the names backed by Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall — was the clear favorite among all the candidates, snagging 2,713 total votes.

It was followed by "Flake Effect," which grabbed 2,412 votes. "Snowy McSnowFace" came in third with 1,908 votes, followed by "Rudy Snowbert" (1,860 votes) and "Jon Bon Snowvi" (1,805 votes).

For those curious, "Nick Snowmando," "Snow Lake City" and "Plowzilla" all just missed the cut, and "Snowballpark" received the least amount of votes, with 236.

Salt Lake crews recently placed large stickers on each plow making sure its new name is prominent. So the next time there's a big storm, look out for "Rudy Snowbert" driving in the lane, "Sugar Plows" clearing Sugar House or "Jon Bon Snowvi" shredding the snow on the road.