Stanley cups have deep roots in the Beehive State. Meg Walter wrote for the Deseret News, “It’s lightweight, has an easy-to-hold handle, and while it’s not the most attractive summer accessory, it holds a whole bunch of DietCokeImeanwater.”

These cups have been noted for their use by Latter-day Saint influencers and Utah moms, and now luckily for you, they are back in stock.

According to Forbes, the brand has launched the Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler, available for purchase today. There are four colors of the tumbler that are already out of stock: Chambray, Eucalpytus, Cream, Yarrow and Rose Quartz. Forbes warned, “... You should act fast, since the cup typically sells out completely again within 24 hours.”

The Stanley Cup takeover (not the hockey trophy)

According to the New York Post, this new tumbler still has the 11 hour cold guarantee. New features include, “90% recycled stainless steel, a rotating lid, splash-resistant straw opening and a full-cover closure. And yes, it’s still car cupholder compatible.”

Stanley cups are slated to sell out quickly — they might even be sold out by the time that you read this article. The Stanley cup has rave reviews. Instagram influencer Carly Riordan said that the $40 cup is absolutely worth it. Now that they are restocked, it’s time to get one.