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BYU sells fluffernutter ice cream? The New England roots of Fluff

This marshmallow creme condiment might not be familiar to the West, but it’s a BYU ice cream flavor

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A slice of bread with peanut butter on the left side and a slice of bread with Marshmallow Fluff on the right side.

Peanut butter and jelly may be an American classic, but peanut butter and fluff is a New England classic. If fluff sounds unfamiliar to you, it might be because it’s hard to find in grocery stores in the West. Even so, BYU has made an ice cream based on the Massachusetts marshmallow creme.

What is fluff?

The best way to describe Marshmallow Fluff is that it is reminiscent of what a melted marshmallow would taste like. This creamy, sticky white substance looks like melted whipped cream and tastes super sweet. It comes in a jar in its classic flavor, but also in a strawberry variety.


An open jar of Marshmallow Fluff with a knife laying across the top of it.

Wikimedia Commons, Jot Powers

According to Marshallow Fluff, Archibald Query from Somerville, Massachusett, began making fluff in his kitchen and selling it door to door in 1917. Due to the war, he had to shut down business and sold his formula for $500 to H. Allen Durkee and Fred L. Mower, two men from Swampscott, Massachusetts.

Local grocers eventually began selling the product due to demand and soon they opened up a factory. The rest is history.

What is a fluffernutter?

The term fluffernutter refers to a peanut butter sandwich with fluff. This sandwich is as iconic as New England clam chowder or frappes or grilled blueberry muffins. According to What’s Cooking America, the classic fluffernutter is made with two pieces of white sandwich bread. Peanut butter is spread on one piece and then marshmallow fluff is spread on the other. The sandwich also sometimes has bananas or jam with it.

One commentator on the article said that his family made triple-decker fluffernutters.

Is Fluff good?

I must confess that I’m not a fan of the fluffernutter, but I think fluff can be good when it is paired with the right foods. My grandmother would always order marshmallow creme or Marshmallow Fluff with her ice cream. I’ve had what might be the most New England dessert ever, which was Grape-Nut ice cream mixed with fluff and thought it improved the Grape-Nut ice cream considerably.

You could place a dollop of fluff in hot chocolate or frost a cake with it — the possibilities are endless.

Fluff is not my favorite food as I find it too sweet a lot of the time, but it might become one of your favorites.

Where can I buy Fluff?

If your local grocery story doesn’t sell fluff, you can order it from Amazon. Some retailers that sell fluff like Target do not allow shipping for it. You can also order Mashmallow Fluff from Walmart.

Is BYU’s fluffernutter ice cream any good?

In June 2018, the Deseret News reported that BYU launched a new ice cream flavor: vanilla ice cream with marshmallows, crushed cookies and a peanut butter graham cracker swirl.

It is still listed as one of the flavors at the BYU Creamery. Stop by and see for yourself if this New England inspired ice cream flavor is any good.

Correction: A previous version of this article spelled “fluffernutter” as “fluffnutter.” This article had been updated to reflect the correct spelling.