A popular Utah social media influencer was charged Tuesday with throwing metal bar stools at her boyfriend, one of which hit her 5-year-old daughter, and damaging her house in the process.

Taylor Frankie Paul, 28, of Herriman, is charged in 3rd District Court with aggravated assault and two counts of domestic violence in the presence of a child, a third-degree felony; child abuse, a class A misdemeanor; and criminal mischief, a class B misdemeanor.

On Feb. 17, about 11 p.m., Herriman police were called to Paul's home on a report of domestic violence, according to charging documents. Paul's boyfriend reported he had been arguing with Paul and, during the confrontation, Paul hit the man and "threw her phone and a wooden play set at him," the charges state.

"During the argument Paul threw 'heavy, metal chairs' at him, which put holes in a wall," according to the charges.

Despite being told to stop because Paul's 5-year-old daughter was sitting on a couch next to the boyfriend, Paul threw another metal chair which hit the child on the head, according to the charges. A 2-year-old child was also present at the time.

The boyfriend "reported feeling scared for his life." Police noted "redness and swelling around his eyes, swelling on his elbow, scratches on his fingers, and a laceration on his neck."

"A video of the incident shows Paul kick (the boyfriend), put him in a chokehold and strike him multiple times. In the video Paul picks up a metal barstool and strikes (him) with it. Paul then picks up a second bar stool and throws it across the room, causing a hole in a wall and knocking down home décor. Paul continues and picks up a third barstool and strikes (the boyfriend) with it. The barstool then hits (her daughter) while she was laying on the couch," the charges state.

When police arrived, the arresting officer noted in a booking affidavit that "both started talking to me at the doorway. When I inquired about the circumstances and (the man) started to explain, I observed (Paul) lunge at (the man) and began pushing/hitting him."

National websites have called Paul a "Mormon TikTok influencer who famously exposed her 'soft swinging' behavior" last year. Paul's husband filed for divorce in June and the divorce was finalized in August, according to court records. She has 4 million followers on TikTok, according to the app.