A Cedar City man was sentenced to a term of three years to life in prison for attempted murder after he fired a gun at his father and at police officers who responded.

Brian Rush Peters, 41, pleaded guilty to attempted murder, a first-degree felony. As part of the plea, two charges of felony discharge of a firearm and aggravated assault, third-degree felonies, were dismissed.

He admitted in a plea statement to attempting to kill his father, or acting in a way that caused a risk of his death on Sept. 30, 2021. Peters lived with his father at that time.

Peters' father called police that day to report his son was drunk and had shot at him with a .22-caliber revolver. Peters called 911 as well, telling dispatch he tried to shoot his dad, a police booking affidavit states. The shots narrowly missed.

Police say he also fired shots toward at least one officer after leaving the home and before he was taken into custody. Peters was hit with at least one shot by police and was treated at a hospital before he was booked into jail.

During the incident, a nearby elementary school was placed on lockdown and some homes were evacuated.

Fifth District Judge Ann Marie Mciff Allen recommended that Peters have access to post-traumatic stress disorder treatment and alcohol abuse treatment while in prison.

Peters' sentence was originally given on Feb. 28 but was amended from five years to life to three years to life in prison. The judge noticed there had been an error in the presentence investigation report showing a sentence that was not the correct one, according to Utah statute. She invited attorneys to discuss the issue in a conference before amending the sentence.