Four people were injured in a yurt explosion at Deer Valley on Wednesday afternoon.

At 2:10 pm, Park City Fire District received a call about a gas smell, a "whoosh" noise and an explosion, said Battalion Chief Darren Nelson.

"There was a pretty big concussive blast for the people who were inside the yurt at the time, and they were immediately cared for," Nelson said. "There was no significant fire to speak of. It was quickly mitigated."

The four people inside the yurt were transported to a hospital with minor injuries, Nelson said.

He said he believes the incident was related to a repair issue, as maintenance was being done on the yurt's furnace at the time of the explosion.

"Obviously the cause is under investigation, but it was definitely a gas explosion," Nelson said.

He said gas pipelines are unable to handle the extra high snow loads this season, leading to incidents such as this explosion.

The yurt sustained significant internal damage and will be closed for the rest of the season.