The Utah County Sheriff's Office is searching for a man trapped in an avalanche in Pole Canyon, northwest of Cedar Fort, on Monday evening.

Two men were snowmobiling in the area when one got caught and buried in the slide near Lewiston Peak, Utah County Sheriff's Sgt. Spencer Cannon said.

Cannon said it was an "extremely large" avalanche in an open bowl area of the mountain. The snowmobilers likely came over from the Tooele County side of the mountain into the area, which Cannon said is not heavily trafficked due to most of the land being on private property.

The missing man is estimated to be in his late 30s, but additional information about him was not immediately available.

The avalanche occurred in an area with an 8,000-foot elevation, Cannon said, and the avalanche came down an estimated 1,500 feet. LifeFlight and a Department of Public Safety helicopter are shuttling teams to search for the rider.

Cannon said the man does have a beacon on, so authorities know a "good general" location of where he is. They are using probes and digging to try to find him, but they had not located the man as of about 8:30 p.m.

"We hope this is still a rescue," Cannon said.

The teams were expected to suspend the search at nightfall, as it is harder to see avalanche danger in the dark, Cannon said.