A man shot by officers Wednesday after what started as a "routine traffic stop" in Farmington has died, police said.

The incident began about 3:22 p.m. after an officer tried to stop a car without a license plate in the area near the Farmington post office, 145 E. State. The driver, who was the only occupant of the vehicle, became "noncompliant," Farmington police said in a news release late Wednesday.

The officer who initiated the traffic stop asked for assistance from other officers. According to the release, a "confrontation" ensued as officers tried to get the man to exit his car, but police did not provide additional details, including whether the man had a weapon or what specifically prompted officers to fire their weapons.

"During an attempt to remove the driver from the vehicle, shots were fired and the driver was injured," according to the statement. "The driver was removed from the vehicle and medical aid was rendered by officers on scene."

The man was pronounced dead later Wednesday at a local hospital. Police have identified him as Chase Allan, 25.

Farmington Police Chief Eric Johnsen said several law enforcement agencies were at the scene, and the initial five officers have all been placed on paid administrative leave, according to protocol. Those officers, he said, represent 20% of Farmington's police force.

"We wake up, we come to work to do a job, and this is not a part of the job that we look forward to. It's emotional, impactful to all of us — whether we were part of this or not. It's a reality of the job that hits home pretty hard," he said.

Police will release details of the incident after the investigation is complete, according to the news release.

Crews shut down roads near the Farmington post office for several hours to investigate the shooting. Photos from the area of the post office show a car with multiple bullet holes through the window.