A 12-year-old girl was pulled from the water at Gunlock State Park on Sunday, the Santa Clara Ivins Fire Rescue said.

The fire rescue responded to a report of a girl who was found unconscious. The girl remained unconscious, but still breathing, by the time the first fire crew arrived at the scene, a statement from Santa Clara Ivins Fire Rescue said.

The girl was taken by a medical helicopter to St. George Regional Hospital.

Earlier this month, Gunlock State Park posted a caution to visitors about the potential for high amounts of runoff this season. The runoff can result in debris accumulating near the top of the waterfalls at the park, the park website states.

"This debris presents safety hazards for park visitors and the dam," the Gunlock State Park said in a statement.

The park also warned against recreating on the rocks that are near the waterfalls.

"Rocks are slick, water is swift, and covered hazards exist in the pools," it states.