An arrest warrant has been issued for an Arizona man accused of making a death threat against a southern Utah judge.

Jeffrey Victor Mindock, 50, of Tempe, Arizona, was charged Thursday in 5th District Court with making threats against judge, a third-degree felony; plus electronic communication harassment and making a threat of violence, class B misdemeanors.

On Aug. 16, Mindock sent an email to both a 5th District Court judge and an attorney involved in a separate stalking injunction case against Mindock. In the email, Mindock calls the judge a "race traitor" and said he "will die," according to charging documents.

"I want the court to schedule a hearing/execution date where I will execute zionist sympathizer (judge) for his crimes against his own race. He has decided to aid the Israelites in persecuting me with this injunction. He will hang from the gallows for this crime," the email states, according to the charges.

A warrant was issued Friday for Mindock's arrest for failing to show up for a scheduled court hearing in St. George.