The Bear River Health Department announced Tuesday it is investigating an outbreak of E. coli infections following six reported cases in Cache County.

Bear River Health Department is working with the state health department and the Utah State Laboratory to identify potential links between reported cases and to find the source of the infection. As of Tuesday, the health department said it cannot pinpoint a source of infection yet.

"Although we are actively working to identify the source of this outbreak, there is no risk to the general public at this time. However, we advise residents to practice good hygiene, such as thoroughly washing their hands, especially after using the restroom and before handling food," Bear River health officer Jordan Mathis said.

The health department said there are six confirmed cases in the county and preliminary findings "suggest a potential cluster of cases." Health department spokeswoman Estee Hunt said because it is such a small cluster, the location of the cases will be not be released to protect patient privacy.

Hunt said the announcement of the cases is not meant to cause any alarm, officials said; the department wants residents to be aware so if they experience symptoms they can get them checked out. E. coli symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and fever.

The Bear River Health Department urges Cache County residents to practice good hygiene especially while preparing and consuming food and to thoroughly wash garden-grown fruits and vegetables.

Several E. coli cases in Lehi this month were reported as stemming from irrigation water. There have been 12 confirmed cases and six hospitalizations from the outbreak there. The state health department estimates there could be up to 300 cases in Lehi and the surrounding area that haven't been reported.