A Murray man who prosecutors say has a history of domestic violence in three states is accused of running over his estranged wife's mother, leaving her with life-threatening injuries.

Erwin Riggs, 37, was charged Friday in 3rd District Court with three counts of aggravated assault resulting in serious injury, a second-degree felony; domestic violence in the presence of a child, and failing to stop for a serious injury accident, third-degree felonies; and two counts of property damage, a third-degree felony and a class B misdemeanor.

On Sept. 9, Murray police were called to an auto-pedestrian crash where they found a woman "laying in the middle of the parking lot" with "life-threatening injuries," according to charging documents.

A woman reported she got into an argument with Riggs, her estranged husband, the night before, "which boiled over" to the next day. During the argument, Riggs went outside her apartment and began letting the air out of the tires of the woman's truck and then punched the taillight, breaking it, the charges state.

He then allegedly got into another vehicle and put it in reverse with the driver's door still open.

"(The estranged wife) said that while the vehicle was in reverse, the car door pinned her chest against another vehicle, which was parked and unoccupied," according to the charges.

The woman's mother then attempted to help. After the estranged wife was freed from being pinned against the car, her mother "reached out to help pull her away from the car as Riggs was slamming the door shut, which caused (the mother's) hand to be slammed in the car door. While (her) hand was stuck, Riggs put the vehicle in reverse and backed out of the parking stall," the charges allege.

Police say the mother was dragged by the car as the estranged wife tried multiple times to open the door and free her. Riggs put the car in drive and continued to drag the mother until her hand eventually slipped out from the door, according to the charges.

"As she fell to the ground and rolled, (the woman) observed the driver rear wheel run over (her mother's) head and Riggs drive away and leave the scene," the charges say.

When detectives interviewed the mother two days later, "she said she remembered being 'jerked, then airborne twice' as the car was in motion. (She) said she doesn't remember anything after that until she woke up to the fire department telling her not to move. (She) reported she had a fractured skull with blood clots beneath the skull, a fractured vertebrae in her neck, and said the doctors nearly amputated the middle, ring and pinky fingers on her right hand," charging documents state.

Riggs has been convicted of domestic violence involving his estranged wife, with two pending cases involving the same victim. Prosecutors state in court records that Riggs is "violently jealous" of his estranged wife's activities.

"There is a documented history of domestic violence, in Utah, dating back to 2008 between the defendant and the victim. The defendant also has domestic violence convictions in New Mexico and in Arizona," charging documents state.