The reason a story rises on any of those measures is almost always because of the people I met and want to share with you.
These talented photojournalists have been on the front lines of 2020’s traumatic news events as they unfolded in our community every day this year. Unlike myself as their photo editor, there’s really no such thing as working from home for them.
The bad things that happened this year are real, and deserve a fair share of our attention. But the good things are equally real and deserve our contemplation, too.
Here are 10 musical moments that gave me reason to celebrate during a relentless year.
The virtue of courage stood out in many of my interviews over the past 12 months. Here’s what I learned from talking with nursing assistants, single moms and public health experts.
From the high school seniors who were denied the opportunity to play their final spring seasons, to NBA fans who had to watch their teams battle it out inside a bubble, 2020 was a year like no other.
In a year in which civility seems to be losing ground, we are all craving niceness these days.
These are just a few of the many powerful images Deseret News photographers captured during the chaotic May 30 protest and in the days and week of protests following that.
A look back at images captured by Deseret News photographs from the March 18, 2020, earthquake centered in Magna.
We sincerely don’t want to relive this year. But our job is to review it. If you would prefer to skip this exercise in masochism, we completely understand.
It’s fair to say that when we first heard the term social distancing, our Deseret News photographers cringed.
It’s almost hard to believe how many big stories drove the world of news in 2020. This year’s list of top stories, compiled by Deseret News editors, reads more like a decade’s accounting than simply a calendar year gone by.
The novel coronavirus pandemic brought plenty of change and adjustments to the world of sports this year. At the same time, it opened opportunities for new stories to be told.
In a year ravaged by COVID-19, the sports world was turned on its head. Amid the disappointment and delays, there were also heroic moments.
The Kirby family of Lehi reflects on the global coronavirus pandemic and how it affected religious practices for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
We asked a panel of four from the Deseret News sports team to share what they missed most in the sports world this year.
“You can’t pick one moment to define 2020. In some ways, it’s been four years in one.”