Sites for the 2030 and 2034 Winter Games expected to be named within 18 months.
Incivility has become an American vice, and it threatens to keep the nation’s elected representatives from solving problems.
Health insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers are padding their bottom lines via a loophole that lets them shift costs to suffering patients.
The Jazz are part of a developing three-team deal, according to The Athletic.
The former BYU tight end is getting a front-row Super Bowl seat in his home state while helping the Chiefs prepare to face the Eagles.
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The NBA announced the 2023 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game rosters on Wednesday.
During the visit, he requested for more weaponry and war planes to help in the effort against a Russian offensive.
Irving addressed his recent antisemitism scandal during his opening press conference with the Dallas Mavericks.
One of the ex Memphis Police officers took photos of Tyre Nichols following his brutal beating and texted it to at least five other people.
To find the best pizza in the state, I tried pizza at dozens of locations in Utah
The suspected Chinese spy balloon shot down by the U.S. over the weekend was huge
BYU coach Mark Pope likes the motivation and energy he’s seeing in his Cougars as the season heads down the home stretch.
After avian influenza tore through a mink farm in northern Spain, experts worry the virus could be spreading mammal to mammal for the first time, but say risk to humans is low
Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was asked about coffee during a press conference Wednesday.
President Joe Biden’s claim the GOP wanted to ‘sunset’ programs drew loud boos at State of the Union
More than 11,000 people have died, and rescue crews continue to search for survivors in the rubble during freezing cold conditions and multiple aftershocks complicate search efforts.
From lightly populated Montana to Utah State to the University of Utah, Worster has excelled at every level.
Some social media users thought it was a great white shark — another type of mackerel shark — but it was a porbeagle
Utah’s youngest member of Congress believes the nation can get its fiscal house in order. If it doesn’t, an exploding national debt and the predictions that Social Security and Medicare trust funds are being depleted will hurt everyone.
LeBron James now stands alone at the top of the list of top NBA scorers.
Biden announces progress in reducing junk fees in the travel and entertainment industries at his State of the Union address Tuesday
Cruz is one of the five women being honored in 2024 by U.S. Mint’s 2024 American Women Quarters Program.
Some social media platforms are difficult for parents to monitor with disappearing messages and photos that could conceal inappropriate content
Chris Stapleton will perform alongside actor Troy Kotsur, who starred in the 2021 Sundance breakout hit and Oscar-winning film ‘CODA.’ Kotsur will present in ASL.
Sometimes whales beach themselves because of pregnancy, injury, sickness or another weakness.
New Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave the official Republican response.
LeBron James is the NBA’s new career scoring leader.
Biden struck a populist tone in his speech as he struggles to overcome low approval ratings.
All agree that what the former BYU lineman lacked as a player, he’s more than made up for as coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.
When comedians reflect on their childhood religious experiences, it gives the rest of us permission to do the same.
State and local governments are often the first line for ensuring that religious accommodations are made, especially for religious minorities.
Search and rescue crews are working in freezing conditions to find survivors trapped under the rubble.
No single person deserves all the credit for Utah’s proposed new state flag design.
There will be 9 NBA events happening during the 2023 All-Star Weekend. Here’s a look at them, plus information on how to buy tickets
Cotopaxi founder/CEO Davis Smith and his wife Asialene were featured guests on the Church News podcast this week. Here’s what they said.
Happiness has become a source of serious study and findings say that people can do a lot to move their own happiness level upward.
Google is close to releasing its own artificial intelligence chatbot as ChatGPT continues to make waves.
As of Tuesday afternoon, LeBron James is 36 points away from breaking the NBA’s all-time scoring record.
Woods and his design team have signed on to design an 18-hole golf course in Park City, Utah.
With distrust of Big Tech on both sides of the political aisle, House Republicans have an opportunity to pass the TEAM Act.