The story of romance author Susan Meachen shows just how far some people will go to escape a toxic internet addiction.
SB16 faces one more legislative hurdle in the Senate before heading to Gov. Spencer Cox’s desk.
Online retailers and lots of others routinely ask for an email address. You may not want to provide it.
Space rock the size of a box truck will zoom by Earth in one of the closest encounters ever, NASA says.
What survivors of the Holocaust have to say about their experiences.
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With the NBA-All Star Game less than a month away, the league has announced the starters and jerseys for the contest in Salt Lake City.
The congressman was recently denied a seat on the House Intelligence Committee by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy
A lot of these options are family-owned spots that are adored by locals
Here is a list of top restaurants that source local ingredients and experiment with flavors
A review of cast vote data in Maricopa County found many Republican-leaning voters voted for Democrat Katie Hobbs
The former president has been off the social media networks since the day after the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol insurrection.
Williams came off the bench to score 24 points against Santa Clara and 28 vs. San Francisco. In both games, Williams did most of his damage in the second half.
Democrat Hobbs said she was focused “on the humanitarian aspects of this” and said it is not a political stunt
The former BYU quarterback tabbed as a late-draft gem candidate in the 2023 NFL draft.
Alleged assailant’s attorneys said releasing the videos will deprive their client of a fair trial.
Here’s what Utes cornerbacks coach Sharrieff Shah remembers most about his first visit with the former Rebels DB.
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay, my oh my people are fighting for Disney World’s Splash Mountain souvenirs as it’s going away
The picks for the 43rd Annual Golden Raspberry award were not without controversy.
The national debt has jumped nearly sixfold this century, and it was fueled by Republicans and Democrats alike.
Koji Sato of Lexu, Toyota’s luxury brand, will take over
The question is whether Southwest is scheduling more flights than its staff and resources can realistically handle
On the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War, Arthur Cyr looks back at the lessons learned and legacies left by the war
Tree thinning will hurt our environment in more ways than it could help.
GenBioPro filed a lawsuit in federal court, arguing that the FDA’s approval of the drug preempts state laws restricting access to abortion pills.
The Israeli military operated a raid on the town of Jenin in the West Bank, killing at least 9 Palestinians in the raid
The attacks come right after Germany and the U.S. announced they would send tanks that Ukraine has been requesting to aid in the war effort against Russia
The NFL on Wednesday announced the finalists for this season’s awards, including MVP and Coach of the Year.
Some of the best stops include whale watching, puffin spotting, so many waterfalls, beautiful hikes and more. Here are reasons why you should put driving Iceland’s Ring Road on your list.
Lillard scored 60 points on only 29 shot attempts, the most efficient 60-point game in NBA history.
Nearly one-third of global methane emissions come from livestock, mostly from dairy cows
Royann Gregerson, a Utah elementary school teacher, said she’s been wanting a bill like this for 30 years.
Multiple former Virginia players, who played for Mendenhall, transferred this winter and are considered among the best to do so.
For the first time since the dawn of the internet, the porn industry is on defense. Here’s how it happened.
The Joseph Smith Papers has published a photographic record of the one of the most significant documents in Latter-day Saint history — original Book of Mormon manuscript.
The World Health Organization could lift its global health emergency declaration soon.
“NBA All-World” gives players a chance to recruit digital versions of NBA stars and collect digital gear.
Joseph Austin Smith was in a pickup truck when he was shot in the back
‘It’s sad that we need this type of legislation, but clearly it’s needed,” Utah lawmakers says
Utah is known for using unique baby names, but research suggests this could be a disadvantage
The cookie company announced its newest flavor, saying, ‘With a cookie so meta, it’s only right that we’re dunking into the Metaverse with our very own Oreoverse’