The cable news company wants to evolve back to a medium for impartial news. Is that possible — and profitable — in a polarized America?
A new Deseret News/Hinckley Institute poll shows Utahns are split on using public funds to build a ballpark.
How to see the humanity in everyone and treat people with dignity.
Robert P. George is calling for a month to honor our commitments to our families, our communities and God.
NIL collective CougConnect, founded by BYU fans, is flourishing even as some other forays into the NIL space have faltered.
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Here’s a breakdown, by venue, of concerts to watch out for this year.
“If you are in search of the perfect candidate, it is time to leave. I am not it.”
Following the debt-ceiling deal, student loan payments are expected to resume before the end of the summer. Here’s what borrowers should know before payments resume.
The former assistant coach to Dave Rose is back at BYU, this time as an assistant for the BYU women’s program.
The UVU distance runner ran miles and miles back and forth to school with her siblings while growing up in Kenya. Now she’s running toward an NCAA championship.
West has taught at top Ivy League schools and currently works as a philosophy professor at Union Theological Seminary
‘After having been away from church assignments for several weeks due to some serious health challenges, I am pleased to begin slowly returning to work,’ Latter-day Saint leader says
President Biden, Speaker McCarthy and their staffs came to an agreement on the debt ceiling. Who benefitted most?
The Khakhovka dam is located on the Dnieper River where Russia has taken controls, and the incident also threatens Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant because it endangers water supplies that cool it.
A 4.9 magnitude earthquake hit southern Haiti early Tuesday, leaving at least 3 dead.
BYU runner will be among the favorites in the 800 meter at this week’s NCAA championships.
The New Hampshire gov says he doesn’t think Trump can win the 2024 general election
Rival Beehive State coaches helped raise around $60,000 for the National Kidney Foundation of Utah and Idaho
Instagram reinstates Kennedy’s account as he makes gains in Democratic polls.
The average age of a groom is 30 years old, while the average age of a bride is 28 years old
Prince Harry did not show up in court for his lawsuit against Mirror Group Newspapers
The west end of the plaza is open with new features like 91 flagpoles and a stone engraving. Renovation continues on the east end, where workers are replacing the reflecting pool in front of the Salt Lake Temple.
Salt Lake City’s Isaac Caldiero is one of only 2 people in the show’s history to be declared an ‘American Ninja Warrior’ champion and claim the show’s $1 million prize.
According to CNN, the global benchmark Brent crude “was trading up 2.3% at nearly $8 a barrel, while WTI, the US benchmark, rose 2.4% to $to 73.50.”
Former Cougars receiver, who transferred to BYU from UTEP, has this advice for new transfers to BYU heading into Big 12 play.
Adding water to your teeth-brushing routine can dilute the toothpaste and affect your oral health.
Former University of Utah stars Alex Smith and Eric Weddle are once again on the ballot. Who are they up against?
‘Wow, there’s a lot of uncertainty this year,’ said one forecaster about the 2023 hurricane season
Bill Daly confirmed to The Athletic that Jazz owner Ryan Smith has expressed interest in bringing NHL hockey to SLC.
Rescue efforts continue as crews try to retrieve bodies from the mangled train cars, and while rescue crews work, officials believe the death toll will likely rise.
12 rules the royal family must follow at the dinner table
If we hope to lower energy prices and lower emissions at the same time, we have to start building in America again. That means we need permitting reform
Nearly 30 years ago, Sweden fixed its social security system. Can the U.S. do that today?
Being gay and religious cannot become an oxymoron.
Nearly two-fifths of self-identifying working class voters say the Republican Party best represents their interests and views.