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Area 51 crowds may not see aliens, but could see lots of Latter-day Saint-owned cows

Young protesters around globe demand climate change action

Sex, childbearing and family life are more complicated than graphs can communicate

Guest opinion: War with Iran is just the conflict Russia and China want

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio drops 2020 presidential bid

In our opinion: Justice Gorsuch, Benjamin Franklin and a civics lesson for the country

Movie review: ‘Downton Abbey’ is a gift for fans. Newbies will like it, too

America has a crisis of trust and it’s more nuanced than you may think

Administration blocks ‘urgent’ whistleblower disclosure

Utah-based social media fraud scheme took $6M from widows, feds say

Why Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is meeting with Sen. Mike Lee and other lawmakers this week

Colt suspends production of AR-15 for civilian market

Brad Pitt’s space epic ‘Ad Astra’ feels familiar. But it’s unique in one major way

iOS 13 drops today. Here are 7 key features to look for

Impossible Burger to hit grocery stores in California this week. Where can you find them next?

Orrin Hatch says Joe Biden didn’t believe Anita Hill’s sexual harassment claims

New Mexico is offering free college to state residents. Here’s how the state plans to pay for it

College admissions scandal: Will anything disrupt higher education?

This volcano could erupt next month. It’s on Jupiter’s moon

Brownface, blackface photos cause scandal for Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

Water rescues underway as Imelda drenches parts of Texas

In our opinion: Family courts must uphold the value of child safety

‘America’s Got Talent’: Utah native Kodi Lee wins season 14

2019 fall movie preview: 10 movies to see, 10 movies that should have you worried

Toxic childhood experiences could lead to poor health later, but BYU study says neighbors, teachers, others can be the cure

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These 6 voters make the case for Donald Trump in 2020

We wanted to find out what appeals to Donald Trump’s supporters and why they believe he deserves another term. The economy, the judges and a get-the-job-done attitude is just part of it. Here are their stories.

Should Congress try a no-strings approach to federal highway funding?

Election Day voter registration poses ‘very little risk’ for fraud, audit finds

Utah congressional candidate confronts convictions of sexual battery

U.S. says attack on Saudi oil site was an Iranian ‘act of war’

Trump bars California from setting stricter fuel standards

Romney and friends say new national security adviser has skills to work with Trump

To all who suffer: Changing our perspective on perspective this Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Another parent arrested in relation to college admissions scandal

OnePlus and Google are leaking photos of their new phones to stop, well, leaks

Trump names hostage envoy O’Brien national security adviser

Why Sen. Mike Lee is skeptical federal antitrust probes into big tech will help consumers

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She told the judge her ex was threatening to kill their son. The judge said he didn’t believe her. Days later the baby boy was dead

Inside the family court crisis that has left more than 700 children dead and the growing national push for change.

Israel’s Netanyahu appears to suffer setback in exit polls

Former RSL coach Mike Petke files lawsuit against club, owner

Q&A: JetBlue Airways chairman Joel Peterson gives a cure for distrust in America

‘The Office’ reboot on Peacock? It’s ‘a goal’ for NBC

Should religious ‘delusions’ keep Ron Lafferty from a Utah firing squad?

NBC announces Peacock streaming service. Here’s what we learned

Church president describes 2015 and 2019 LGBT policy announcements as part of remarks on ‘love and laws’ at BYU devotional

In our opinion: Don’t let demand for medical marijuana overtake the need for safety

Cokie Roberts, longtime political journalist, dies at 75

Authorities: Attacks at election rally, Afghanistan capital kill 48