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Is more better when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines?

Reports show some folks are making their own rules about COVID vaccination and hoping it won’t cause problems later.

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Is the West’s housing market overpriced? These cities rank as nation’s most ‘overvalued’

One city in Idaho and three cities in Utah rank high in the top 10 most "overvalued" housing markets in the entire U.S.

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Just because you’re vaccinated doesn’t mean you can’t get COVID-19

Shots still protect against severe illness, death.

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Why Utah will be playing in a soccer stadium this week

No matter the venue, Utah coach Kyle Whittingham has many memories of past ‘battles’ with San Diego State.

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Isaiah Herron almost left BYU for an HBCU. Here’s how he feels about decision to stick around

Having stepped into a starting role when Keenan Ellis went down vs. Arizona, Herron and his fellow defensive teammates will be tested mightily when No. 19 ASU visits BYU.

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Will these tent cities for homeless people be a model or a warning?

Cities across the West struggle with rising homelessness. The city of Missoula, Montana, is trying out a unique solution.

Will Big 12 membership have more pain or privileges for the Cougars?

Perspective: American Girl Dolls welcome a new future: ‘wokeism’

Working remote just got easier for Microsoft Teams users

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Church of Jesus Christ will pay $250M into fund for Boy Scout sexual abuse claims

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The latest updates from the Gabby Petito missing woman case

Why a Tulsa pastor is offering vaccine exemptions in exchange for church membership

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Vaccinate all Americans, but not by force

President Biden’s mandate to require all employees in large businesses to get shots is likely to backfire.

‘You gotta strike when you’re hot’: Tyler Allgeier making most of his fame with NIL opportunities

Dr. Fauci warns of possible ‘monster’ variant of COVID-19

Can BYU keep up with Arizona State’s Jayden Daniels?

Members of 15 different faiths just toured the Pocatello Idaho Temple. Here’s what 3 faith leaders said about the experience

Gamers experience harassment when playing video games online

Are the Utah Jazz moving toward a more permanent black and white color scheme?

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Will the controversy over the end to U.S. war in Afghanistan affect Utah’s Olympic bid?

IOC helping Afghan Olympic team, others after Taliban takeover

Elder Renlund explains how doctrine of Christ and spiritual ‘sisu’ lead to ‘happily ever after’

From somber to swagger: How Utes’ leaders are helping teammates regain their mojo

Opinion: It’s time to start talking about a worldwide population bust

Why there might be an extra $300 in your bank account

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The world’s hunger crisis is spiraling out of control, and faith leaders are calling for action

Women and children are suffering disproportionately as a catastrophic new explosion of hunger sweeps the world, compelling charity and faith leaders to plead for governments and charities to respond.

Gavin Newsom has survived the California recall. What state could try to recall its governor next?

BYU student who defaced LGBTQ chalk-art is no longer enrolled, school says

What Mitt Romney, Mike Lee said on the Senate floor about fallen Utah Marine

1 in 500 residents of the United States has died of COVID since the start of the pandemic

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A race against time on the Bonneville Salt Flats

On the Bonneville Salt Flats, racing records have been set and reset. But all that while, the salt was disappearing.

North Korea has fired 2 missiles into Eastern waters. Here’s why

‘Hamilton’ is back on Broadway — and so is this Utahn

Jimmer Fredette reportedly returning to play in China after all

President Nelson is the first Latter-day Saint senior leader to launch a Spanish-only social media account

The Department of Justice is seeking to block Texas abortion law. Here’s why