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Utah Utes stay No. 7 in latest College Football Playoff rankings

Parents, it’s 10 p.m. (or 10 a.m.) Do you know where your children are online?

Utah inmate tried to hire hitman to kill teen he raped, police say

‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’: See the exclusive Entertainment Weekly covers

Here’s a look at the reaction to Chick-fil-A’s recent donations announcement

Disney Plus and the dark web: Thousands hacked and left without answers

Bear River project would deliver water to thirsty Wasatch Front in 2050

Police: Former employees kidnap West Valley restaurant owner

Boy under investigation for second time for alleged threats at school, Tooele police say

Jeffrey Epstein’s jail guards charged with falsifying records

In our opinion: 100 years later, Zion National Park will lose its luster without Congress’ help

This is the most popular couple ‘pet name’ in Utah

Impeachment hearings move into high gear with 8 witnesses in 3 days

Zion National Park is now 100 years old — it’s feeling its age

Will Tagovailoa’s injury change college football?

Why people all over the world keep coming to Zion National Park

When seasons end — and the honoring of BYU safety Kyle Morrell

New Young Men theme, mobile app, camp guides and recognition emblems part of Children and Youth program

Video: President Nelson, Elder Christofferson share the ‘great hope’ they feel for the church’s future in Vietnam

Donny and Marie Osmond had their final show this weekend. Here’s what happened

Taking stock of Utah Utes’ prospects heading into Week 3 of College Football Playoff rankings

Jazz players step up and speak out against bullying

Police chief: 3 people killed in Oklahoma Walmart shooting

Elder Uchtdorf encourages all to become ‘a people of peace and reconciliation’ during Volkstrauertag event

This stream has:

Everything you need to know about the impeachment inquiry

‘Part art, part history’: The rising cost of Salt Lake City’s mayoral portraits

Kalani Sitake, BYU players express gratitude, relief for coach’s contract extension

Growing greener: U.S. cities are losing trees and their life-giving benefits. The scramble is on to replace them

Americans get rare glimpse of career diplomats through impeachment hearings

After 76 years, a Utah war hero comes home

Social media rules: How to make sure you are not being creepy online

Elder Gong and general officers explain everything you need to know about the Children and Youth program

This club serves up clean comedy and no alcohol. The joke is on anyone who bet against it

Seniors made precious memories in BYU’s home football finale, while promising newcomers finally got their chance to shine

Long-term, intermittent fasting increases survival rate of heart patients, Utah researchers say

President Eyring, Elder Stevenson deliver family history to Maryland governor at historic State House

Guest opinion: Impeachment process is fair and transparent if senators takes their oaths seriously

Guest opinion: The thread between BYU’s honor code and LGBTQ activism

National security, poverty and charitable giving highlight President Ballard’s meetings in New York

In our opinion: Before offering free tuition, take a look at the numbers

Religion is being pushed out of the public square. Research shows it’s only going to get worse

Is BYU close to extending football coach Kalani Sitake’s contract? AD’s T-shirt suggests it is

Inside the newsroom: Why did the Deseret News go into the Amazon rainforest? Here is the answer

This Orthodox rabbi was sexually abused by his nanny for 10 years. See him tell his story in his own words

Sandy Hook lawsuit could force Remington to open books

Bravo announces ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’

Salt Lake residents urge city leaders to not sell Utah Theater

In the ’90s, vinyl records were dead. Now, they’re flying off the shelves