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Why it’s cheaper to rent than to buy a home in these Western cities

And a group of finance scholars say all is not lost if renters reinvest those savings in other opportunities that can build wealth over the long term.

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To give parents financial relief, tweak this IRS rule

With or without "Build Back Better," parents need help that a tweak to IRS rules could provide.

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Runnin’ Utes hang tough against No. 6 Arizona until second half of second half

Utah loses its fifth-straight game, but not before throwing a mild scare into the nationally ranked Wildcats in front of a large crowd at the McKale Center.

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The early omicron variant symptoms to remember

The omicron variant symptoms differ from the original coronavirus symptoms.

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Commentary: What to make of Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell’s recent comments on the Jazz?

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Struggling to get along with those who believe differently than you? That’s how America is meant to be

It’s important that democracies maintain generously spaced guardrails to protect religious pluralism.

Why the true silent majority isn’t posting political posts on social media

Church urges Latter-day Saints to schedule temple appointments far in advance

What Utah Republicans say about the Supreme Court blocking Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses

With win over Oklahoma, Utah showed it is ‘a force to be reckoned with’

A new major snowstorm is coming to the U.S. Here’s what to expect

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Kyrsten Sinema refused to support filibuster reform. What is her end game?

The enigmatic Arizona senator is applauded by her supporters as principled and denounced by her critics as dangerously arrogant.

Is it a wolf, or a wolf-dog hybrid? Neither. Dead canine found in Duchesne is a German shepherd, officials say

Omicron variant less severe, even for unvaccinated, study says

The curious case of Danuel House

See photos from President Russell M. Nelson’s 4 years as President of the Church

You can order free at-home COVID-19 test kits from the government. Here’s how

How to watch NFL wild-card weekend: Key storylines and names to know

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Glenn Beck is battling COVID-19 again, and it’s bringing out the worst in his critics

It’s never acceptable to mock people for getting sick, regardless of their vaccination status

Do we dare hope omicron signals the end is near?

Could the Entrata founder’s antisemitic email be a catalyst for change?

Who will emerge as Runnin’ Utes’ emotional leader against trio of top-10 teams?

2 apostles, 3 major American writers to speak at BYU this semester

Loss to Zags should provide BYU motivation for Big 12 readiness

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To mask or not to mask? Here’s what 2 years and hundreds of COVID-19 experts say

I spoke to hundreds of experts about COVID-19. Here’s what they say about masks.

What is antisemitism and why does it persist in America?

Elder Holland will speak at BYU as apostles focus on young adults

Caleb Lohner didn’t let taunting Zag fans get the best of him

‘Home Work’ is coming back to the Magnolia Network

Will Aaron Rodgers finally return to the Super Bowl?

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The pros and cons of modernizing government services

Experts laud the idea of streamlining services, but warn of potential problems.

A four-game losing streak and a lack of focus. The Jazz are at a turning point

Prince Andrew stripped of royal patronages and military affiliations as sexual abuse lawsuit moves forward

Novak Djokovic visa canceled again. Here’s the latest

Utah is a side hustle state

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Latter-day Saints have a legacy of supporting voting rights

Voting rules should be judged by their effect, or their "fruits," not by the intentions of lawmakers.

Opinion: ‘It’s déjà vu all over again’ as state lawmakers prepare to meet amid a pandemic surge

No. 2 Gonzaga turned in a nearly flawless offensive performance against BYU

Opinion: Can changing how we think about COVID-19 end the pandemic?

Man who dressed as Captain Moroni in the Jan. 6 Capitol breach expected to make plea deal

Utah’s gnarly drought prompts governor to issue ‘water action’ plan

Opinion: Who knows better about schools, lawmakers or educators?

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Could Sabbath closure laws make a comeback?

Here’s why some political commentators and legal scholars are tweeting their support for taking a Sabbath.

Supreme Court blocks Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine rule for U.S. businesses

Opinion: How a new telescope could open great vistas

An award-winning actor and French baker will be among the keynote speakers at RootsTech 2022

Is this a leaked ‘Knights of Ren’ trailer? Or is it a ‘Star Wars’ fake?