TikTok informs the masses and destigmatizes mental illness, but professionals say it could be the reason that more people are misdiagnosing themselves.
In the general election, it doesn’t matter how the Republican base feels. What matters is what voters in the middle think.
In the past Trump has thrived when the world seems to be against him.
Former Utah Jazz forward Richard Jefferson, now a commentator on ESPN, spoke about the possibility of Donovan Mitchell getting traded to the New York Knicks.
Mady Howard took the necessary time to rest and recover after her pregnancy, but she was eager to get back to her routine.
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The dawn of omicron has changed the efficiency of at-home tests
Wilson left his team’s first preseason game early with a right knee injury.
DALL-E mini, recently renamed to Craiyon, is an AI model that generates images based on text prompts.
The card is in near-mint condition, and the auction closes Aug. 27
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has appointed a new church historian. Meet Elder Kyle S. McKay, a former attorney who grew up working on a ranch.
School starts soon. How does the teacher shortage impact schools and why do we have one?
Leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention confirmed the investigation Friday and vowed to cooperate
FBI took highly classified documents, a file about the president of France and boxes of miscellaneous confidential records.
Known for his quick quips, President Hinckley served up one that today would delight TikTok.
The 14-year-old was brutally tortured and killed for allegedly making advances on a white woman. Skeptics brought forth evidence to bring his accuser to trial on kidnapping charges, but a jury refused to indict her.
Inflation has drastically risen this year. Here’s how families are back-to-school shopping in the middle of rising prices.
A new study shows states do not benefit from tax holidays. They increase demand, while the problem today is a lack of supply.
“The Chosen,” a faith-based series on the life of Jesus Christ, has been nominated for a Dove Award. Here’s how the show reacted on social media.
The FTC wants to hear from the public on the impact of companies collecting consumer data.
A report from Princeton University’s Zero lab estimates the bill will save households hundreds of dollars a year and decrease emissions
Booker Prize-winning author has long been the target of bounties by Iran
Gregory and Travis McMichael were convicted of federal hate crime charges and sentenced to life in prison. William Bryan, who filmed the altercation and killing, was also convicted on federal charges and will serve 35 years.
In a summer of conference expansion talk, Pac-12 solidarity, the Utes do have some choices and would make a great Big 12 team.
The iconic baby powder brand will stop making talc-based baby powder after facing lawsuits since 2014.
Brady will miss part of training camp to focus on finding work-life balance, according to Ian Rapaport.
Trump called the raid “prosecutorial misconduct,” but the FBI and DOJ may have the law on their side.
Many of us wonder if Joe Biden and Donald Trump are getting too old for this. But we may have a dinosaur race in 2024.
During this megadrought, the Colorado River and our reservoir levels have fallen. There are three things we can do to improve the situation
The Inflation Reduction Act, which goes before the U.S. House Friday, will help some people with health care costs, but not everyone.
The Fifth Amendment shields Americans from answering self-incriminating questions, but it also has limitations.
The petition says the district court ‘abused its discretion’ in putting the law on hold pending resolution of a Planned Parenthood lawsuit.
Quarantine, social distancing recommendations have changed
Here are four tips on managing the most common omicron symptom
The U.S. Senate almost unanimously voted to approve Finland and Sweden to join NATO. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has strengthened our alliance.
Chad Lewis and Dennis Pitta are excited about what Isaac Rex and Dallin Holker bring to the table — and talk about where they could be most dangerous
BYU Education Week is turning 100 years old. Here’s what to expect this year as more than 200 presenters teach nearly 1,000 classes on a wide range of topics.
San Francisco sued Walgreens and others claiming they created a “public nuisance” by flooding the city with prescription opioids.
Western states have less robust petroleum distribution networks, leading to higher prices at the pumps.
A recent poll shows Biden’s approval at 40%, up slightly from recent months.