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Pignanelli and Webb: Lessons learned from Mendenhall’s surprise win in Salt Lake primary

The story of ‘Blinded by the Light,’ a $15 million Sundance star that landed in theaters nationwide

In our opinion: Don’t worry about a recession — worry about your personal finances

At least 13 people arrested at Portland, Oregon, protest

Utah fundraiser aims to protect those who serve in blue

Letter: Treating mental illness

Utah moms rallied for federal gun reform Saturday. Here’s why protesters say proposed state legislation isn’t enough

In our opinion: Salt Lake City mayoral race could be a standard-bearer to the nation

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Invasion of the drones: No longer a ‘Jetsons’-esque fantasy, Utah is on the leading edge

Utah is well-positioned to not only be among the leaders of the drone revolution but also bear expansive economic benefits as the new industry takes off.

Inside the monumental task of focusing on the name of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

12 cartoons about the top news of the week

Medical examiner confirms Epstein death a suicide by hanging

Trump throws support behind possible Lewandowski Senate run

The Little League World Series’ complex relationship with kids and fame

Church issues statement on Word of Wisdom

China police exercises across from Hong Kong seen as threat

Church unveils abuse prevention training for all Latter-day Saint leaders of children and youth

Tlaib declines to visit West Bank, citing Israeli conditions

In our opinion: The world’s eyes are on Hong Kong

Q&A: JetBlue Airways chairman Joel Peterson gives a cure for distrust in America

Amazon is moving into the pharmacy business. Local drugstores aren’t happy about it

Exploring the intersection of sex, consent and chastity at the nation’s Christian colleges

FCC suggests three-digit number for suicide prevention hotline

Israel bars U.S. congresswomen — with a nudge from Trump

Vice President Mike Pence expected to be in Utah next week to speak on trade

Don’t assume a ‘happy warrior’ is somehow not a warrior

U.S. stocks veer lower in latest bout of market volatility

Socialism isn’t what you think it is, but it’s still not what we need right now

‘Number neighbors’ highlight the irony of modern communication

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Can religion save us from a global environmental crisis?

Despite mounting evidence of climate change, religious people remain divided. Some question man’s involvement while others are driven by their faith to protect the planet.

Is America addicted to conspiracy theories?

Epstein accuser sues as questions swirl about his death

Amid nationwide mental health crisis, Utah faces critical provider shortage

Jordan halts film that refers to historical Jewish presence

In our opinion: Unchecked political power is the true enemy of the people

The story of Harper Lee, a bizarre true crime story and a thank you note that ended up at BYU

Why is the road to the White House suddenly so salty? A look at why the candidates are swearing

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Will the face of the Republican resistance vote for Donald Trump? 

In an exclusive interview, Jeff Flake, the former senator, explains why the Republican Party may be ‘doomed’ and why he would never call the president a racist.

Tax reform remains a tough sell without a bumper sticker

Facing pressure, Trump delays tariffs on some Chinese goods

Guest opinion: Utah’s Catholic bishop says nation needs a radical change of heart

Why sports specialization for young athletes has its pitfalls

How the Vietnam War draft lottery still haunts Pulitzer Prize-winner Richard Russo

30 years after Berlin Wall’s fall, a musical from Air Supply’s Graham Russell shows ‘how one country built a wall to separate the same people’

Questions and answers: All about the new Deseret News website

The Cosmic Crisp may be your new favorite apple

In our opinion: Vote — local elections should have the highest turnout of all

All politics is local: The national significance of Salt Lake City’s race for mayor