Web designer Lorie Smith argues that a Colorado’s anti-discrimination law tramples her free speech rights.
The former president finished third behind Ron DeSantis and Liz Cheney in a new Deseret News/Hinckley Institute poll.
here’s been an increase in the number of women giving birth at home since 2019. It’s especially notable among Black mothers, according to the CDC.
The IRS warns that refunds could be smaller in 2023. Here’s why.
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Utah sacked Williams, who played the whole game despite a hamstring injury, seven times.
On Friday, the Twitter CEO said he would publish “what really happened”
Democrats won a majority of Latino and Black voters but by a significantly smaller margin than in 2018.
If we support American business, promote good climate policy and avoid energy dependence on other countries — we can have it all.
A Texas couple’s adoption struggles lead them to the Supreme Court. The decision will have far-reaching consequences for tribal law.
The new ride, stemming from ‘The Princess and the Frog,’ will open at both theme parks in 2024.
Here are some highlights from the November jobs report
In a 10-month lockdown, teens’ mental health wasn’t the only thing affected. Teen brains matured three years, according to new research
If MrBeast sells a small stake of his channel for $150 million, he could be the first person to become a billionaire because of YouTube
Florida’s CFO says he doesn’t “trust BlackRock’s ability to deliver” for taxpayers.
When five Black BYU players took to the court together at the same time earlier this month, it was a first in program history. And Keith Rice couldn’t be prouder.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that a new law which bans certain religious groups from Ukraine may be key to securing ‘Ukraine’s spiritual independence.’
West was suspended from Twitter again, this time under Musk’s rule
Kanye West praises Adolf Hitler during an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Thursday
Whether or not they supported Trump in previous elections, many people feel that 2024 is not the place for Donald Trump.
Independents especially want new choices for 2024, new Deseret News/HarrisX poll shows.
When one enters the gates of Disneyland, one should be prepared for an experience outside our normal concept of space, time and dietary standards.
“Now, the housing market’s going to go through the other side,” Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says.
‘One death is indeed too many, but there are thousands of migrant worker deaths that remain unexplained, uninvestigated, and uncompensated.’
A new program to monitor wastewater for polio is starting at sites in Michigan and Philadelphia, the CDC announced.
Making the ranks in the education, finance, health care and sports sections, these Utahns know how to represent
Survivors of the Uvalde shooting, which left 19 children and two teachers dead, are seeking billions in damages