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Virginia’s new governor promised to let parents control the classroom. What comes next? (+video)

Glenn Youngkin’s popularity surged among voters who said education was their biggest issue. How will he fulfill that mandate?

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George Floyd’s brother strives to turn ‘pain into purpose’

He is intently focused on seeking the passage of the federal George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

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Fred Warner, Eric Weddle lead Utah names to watch in NFL playoff’s divisional round

Three of the four NFL divisional round playoff games feature prominent Utah ties trying to move on to the next round.

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Searching for the Jazz’s identity

Inconsistency — if anything, that’s the Jazz’s identity this season.

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Can religious freedom still bring Democrats and Republicans together?

The National Committee for Religious Freedom is hoping to reduce faith-related conflict.

Opinion: After one year, it’s clear Biden is hurting America’s standing

Official church pamphlet aims to help Latter-day Saints understand, treat Muslims better

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Boise leading the nation in ‘hot’ job markets as hiring, even amid omicron surge, continues to grow

Inland western U.S. cities crushed coastal climes in a new report that found Boise, Idaho is leading the nation when it comes to current new job listings vs. pre-pandemic times.

Inside the first 18 months of the new mission in Ethiopia: Pandemic, civil unrest and lots of miracles

Perspective: Is marriage dead, or just the wedding section?

Utah gymnastics aims to make history and remember Ty Jordan and Aaron Lowe

From Eric Weddle to the Red Rocks, what’s next in 2022?

Day 3: Legislature poised to end Test to Stay program for schools

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This is why lawmakers brushed aside complaints about redistricting

Unless someone loses an election because of it, lawmakers will continue drawing the maps they want

What Jaxson Dart’s visit to Provo Wednesday means for the Cougars

Mitt Romney on voting rights bill: President Joe Biden, Democrats venturing into ‘deep hysteria’

Caleb Lohner’s ‘breakthrough’ games show how much value he brings to Cougars

Pope Benedict XVI accused of wrongdoing in the handling of abuse cases

Instagram could cost money now. Here’s why

Midseason review: Grading each Jazz player at the halfway point

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The world’s smartest man lived in the library and memorized every verse of Latter-day Saint scripture. What if he’d never been born?

Kim Peek — the real "Rain Man" — was both mystery and marvel. We neglect his legacy at our own risk.

‘Havana syndrome’ isn’t linked to foreign nations, CIA says

BYU hoops has to make it through the WCC to get to the Big 12

Perspective: From the grocery store to the Supreme Court, unseemly mask drama is dividing America

Is this BYU’s best team in Jeff Judkins’ 21 seasons?

Opinion: A sad moment for Utah’s lawmakers