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These mysterious lights are shining over Mesa, Arizona. No one knows why

This Atlanta newspaper wants Warner Bros. to issue a statement on its dramatization of a real life reporter

This former NBA player was fined for praying during Chinese basketball game. Here’s why

Here’s how many subscribers Netflix could lose in 2020

President Trump compared to ‘Avengers: Endgame’ villain Thanos in new campaign video. It raises a lot of questions

6 killed in New Jersey gunbattle, including police officer

This teen ran away from home and ‘camped out’ at a Bed, Bath & Beyond

Renter beware: Apartment, vacation home listings might be scams

There was a 50-car pileup this week during a snowstorm. See what happened

Video: President Russell M. Nelson builds bridges with world leaders

New Zealand volcano: Photos show a ‘Chernobyl’ scene at White Island

Cougar Insiders: Why BYU feels such sense of urgency as it prepares for the Hawaii Bowl (podcast)

Vanna White hosted ‘Wheel of Fortune’ for the first time. Was it awkward or a mess?

Tell us about your ‘Christmas I Remember Best’

This cat looks like Baby Yoda. So of course she went viral

Parents — not the government — should be the first line of defense when it comes to kids online privacy

FamilySearch completes project to allow same-sex family trees

Joe Biden missed his ‘John McCain moment.’ What will yours be?

Semi driver killed in crash on I-84

This Japanese island could become a U.S. aircraft carrier. Here’s how

Report: Utah State quarterback Jordan Love contemplating a grad transfer

Inside the basketball odyssey of former Utah Runnin’ Ute, current BYU assistant coach Chris Burgess

2019 Ms. Volleyball: Mia Wesley’s competitive nature and tireless work ethic set her apart

Nancy Pelosi announces agreement on North American trade pact

House Democrats unveil articles of impeachment against President Trump. Here’s the reaction

Mark Ruffalo becomes a different kind of superhero in legal thriller ‘Dark Waters’

Disneyland to close Haunted Mansion in 2020 for renovations. Here’s what you need to know

‘Our next election is at risk’: Democrats unveil impeachment articles against Trump

Will the real Utah Jazz please stand up?

In our opinion: Proactively reforming Utah taxes is good, just don’t rush it

The unique role Utah played in a federal push to expand LGBTQ and religious rights

This mother just pleaded guilty in the college admissions scandal. Here’s why her case stands out

Baby Yoda wants you stay safe on the roads. Just ask Mississippi

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Family, friends, military bid farewell to fallen Army pilot

Fallen Army pilot Kirk Takeshi Fuchigami Jr., who was killed in a helicopter crash last month in Afghanistan, was buried in Utah Monday with full military honors at the Brigham City Cemetery.

Sen. Mike Lee pushes school choice in meeting with Trump, DeVos

T-Mobile-Sprint antitrust trial begins in New York

This Utah billboard said Utah Utes won the Pac-12 title. They didn’t

Beyonce says she gets her team ‘together for a prayer’ before starting a new project

Walmart apologizes for an ugly Christmas sweater. Here’s why

Watch: Dramatic video shows New Zealand volcano eruption that swallows an entire island

Here are 5 John Lennon covers by celebrities

‘Playmobil: The Movie’ is a poor man’s ‘Lego’ movie

Anti-doping agency bans Russia from international sports for 4 years

In our opinion: App-rating resolution needs sharper teeth to protect children

Dozens feared dead in eruption of New Zealand volcano

FBI: Naval base shooting presumed to be act of terrorism by Saudi gunman

As income gap widens, what happens to charitable giving might surprise you

A store cashier may offer you a loan this holiday season. Here’s what to know before saying yes