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White House says bin Laden son killed in U.S. operation

Guest opinion: Dunford was a steady hand during Trump-era turmoil

Broadway or bust: Could this musical in Utah be the next ‘Dear Evan Hansen’?

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Can Vietnam’s YouTube grandmother bridge one of the world’s greatest generation gaps?

The older generation is defined by war and hunger, the younger by peace and economic growth. This is the story of how one Vietnamese grandmother tapped a cooking pot and YouTube to bring a country together

How did Utah Sen. Mike Lee’s talks with government leaders in Russia go?

Why sobriety can be more complicated for professional musicians

Pessimism about family life could hurt society and families, experts say of survey results

Felicity Huffman was sentenced to 14 days in college admissions scandal. Here’s what we know

Taliban visits Moscow days after Trump says talks ‘dead’

Liberty students protest in wake of reports about Falwell

Emoluments case against Trump revived by appeals court

Coast guard issues safety warning following California boat fire

Johnson, Juncker to meet in Brexit breakthrough bid

China to lift punitive tariffs on US soybeans, pork

In our opinion: There are hundreds of vaping-related illness cases nationwide. The time for action has come

Democratic debate: 36 key quotes from Biden, Warren, Sanders, Klobuchar and more

Tent courtrooms are set to open on the border. Can they solve America’s immigration crisis?

Utah has less obesity than much of the nation. Here’s why that’s nothing to celebrate

Faith and grace: Where was religion during the Democratic debate?

Democratic debate: Andrew Yang announces $120,000 giveaway. Is it legal?

Upgraded Gamma Knife blasts brain cancer — it’s the most efficient, precise treatment available in Utah

EPA water chief says these people are unsung heroes among us

Trump administration puts tough new asylum rule into effect

Ex-FBI No. 2 official faces prospect of criminal charges

Warren’s newest plan: boost Social Security benefits by $200 per month

Liberty’s Falwell says he’s target of ‘attempted coup’

145 business executives push for better gun policy

What a Pentagon Uber driver taught me about living within the parentheses of a crazy idea

Guidelines for Trump impeachment investigation set by House Judiciary Committee

Purdue Pharma reaches a deal with plaintiffs

Experts say this amount is the ‘breaking point’ of household debt — but what does that mean?

Democratic debate: Top 2020 contenders finally on same stage

In our opinion: Congress, where’s the urgency to tackle these issues before 2020?

Do you know more than the average American about divorce, teen sex and other family trends? Take our quiz

What Americans — especially Republicans — get wrong about divorce, teen sex and out-of-wedlock births

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Are today’s marriages stronger, weaker or ‘out-of-date’?

New American Family Survey shows family stability, but rising concern about economic challenges

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The rich get paid to take care of their families. The poor don’t. Is it time for a national leave policy?

There are at least 4 policy proposals in Congress. A new survey shows the majority of Americans don’t like any of them.

Government plans to ban flavors used in e-cigarettes

Man who loaned gun to Lauren McCluskey’s killer sentenced to 3 years supervision

Local analysts warn U.S.-China trade battle impacting Utah companies

Newly released transcripts detail the moments before Jamal Khashoggi’s death

18 years later, America vows to ‘never forget’ 9/11

Movie review: ‘The Goldfinch’ was a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. But does it work as a movie?

‘Storm Area 51’ event is pretty much dead in the water. What happened?

Toll roads are in your future — embrace it

Desperation mounts in Bahamas as shelters turn evacuees away

‘Downton Abbey’ composer John Lunn on the new movie: ‘It’ll make you laugh. It’ll make you cry.’

In our opinion: Sept. 11 changed the country, but the idea of America must never fail