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How classes for prisoners protect society

Higher education opens incarcerated students’ minds to new interests and passions, and helps them become better neighbors, family members, and citizens.

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A reporter was hit by a car on live TV. What can we learn from this viral moment?

Tori Yorgey hardly skipped a beat, but the incident raised questions about safety.

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Jaxson Dart, Baylor Romney and the new game of QB dominoes

Better not blink or you might miss which high-profile college quarterback is on the move.

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Why those with omicron symptoms are still showing up to work

For many American workers, the necessity of getting a paycheck makes it difficult to take time off of work — even if they’re sick with COVID-19.

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Can places of worship stay open ... and safe?

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Can religious freedom still bring Democrats and Republicans together?

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College football state of the union: It’s a mess

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You — yes you — might be a bad citizen

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Jazz will be without Donovan Mitchell against Warriors on Sunday

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The world’s smartest man lived in the library and memorized every verse of Latter-day Saint scripture. What if he’d never been born?

Kim Peek — the real "Rain Man" — was both mystery and marvel. We neglect his legacy at our own risk.

Runnin’ Utes give No. 16 USC a better game than last time, but fall 79-67 in suffering eighth-straight loss

Britain says Russia is seeking to replace Ukraine’s government

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Could mild COVID symptoms lead to brain damage?

Opinion: Here’s one way to help the state save water

First Presidency sends letter of love and support to Latter-day Saints in Tonga

Brian Laundrie claimed responsibility for Gabby Petito’s death in his notebook, FBI says

Who is the best shooter on the Jazz?

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Could we stop wildfires by starting more fires?

There’s a $50 billion plan to more than double the use of controlled burns and logging to thin out vegetation that fuels wildfires.

Here’s what Gov. Cox got right/wrong in his State of the State speech

How the 1981 Elite Eight basketball team was part of ‘14 months of glory’ at BYU

How seminary blessed the life of President Ballard growing up in a family that didn’t attend church

Democratic representative becomes third Utah lawmaker to test positive for COVID-19

Where Zach Wilson lands in re-rankings of the 2021 NFL QB rookie class

Virginia’s new governor promised to let parents control the classroom. What comes next? (+video)

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Will laws relying on public enforcement turn the country into the wild West?

In the wake of the Texas abortion ban, both the right and the left are putting forth legislation that includes a mechanism for public enforcement via civil lawsuit.

JK! Studios used crowdfunding to raise $1 million for comedy show ‘Freelancers.’ Here’s how they did it

George Floyd’s brother strives to turn ‘pain into purpose’

Overachieving Cougars enjoying a ‘fun ride’

Watch: Here’s what Utah Gov. Cox had to say in his 2022 State of State speech

Why this year’s Hall of Fame vote has dredged up baseball’s ‘steroid era’ again

U.S. and Russia will keep talking over Ukraine crisis

Opinion: Why backers of a Utah lake project were wrong to sue a critic

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Thinking about putting your vaccination status on your resume? Don’t.

Including health information on a resume was a bad idea before the pandemic. It’s a worse idea now.

BYU responds to federal investigation of its LGBTQ policies

Elon Musk’s brain chip company is getting closer to human trials

How BYU survived a physical, emotional game against San Diego

This Utah restaurant made Yelp’s top 100 restaurants in the country

Here’s what Utah Democrats are prioritizing in the 2022 Legislative Session

How beleaguered Runnin’ Utes almost upset No. 9 UCLA

COVID-19 booster shots can protect you against omicron, new CDC data suggests

How Policy Pillars may change how the Utah Legislature works

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Boise leading the nation in ‘hot’ job markets as hiring, even amid omicron surge, continues to grow

Inland western U.S. cities crushed coastal climes in a new report that found Boise, Idaho is leading the nation when it comes to current new job listings vs. pre-pandemic times.

Legendary rock star Meat Loaf has died. Here’s what we know

Opinion: After one year, it’s clear Biden is hurting America’s standing

Official church pamphlet aims to help Latter-day Saints understand, treat Muslims better

Gas prices could rise if Russia invades Ukraine

High school basketball: UHSAA approves shot clock; here’s what coaches think about it

Watch the story Elder Holland told to show God is a loving ‘Father of forgiveness’