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On Holocaust Remembrance Day, don’t forget the responsibility that comes with remembering

Seventy-six years ago today, Soviet troops liberated Auschwitz. Three weeks ago at the U.S. Capitol, some rioters were spotted wearing anti-semitic messages or Nazi symbols.

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Biden wants to send more stimulus checks, but who will get them?

President Joe Biden said he is willing to a negotiate the income threshold for stimulus checks and researchers say a targeted approach would be best for the economy.

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BYU suffered its worst loss of the Mark Pope era against Pepperdine

The Cougars left Malibu with a Quad 3 setback, with turnovers and missed rebounding opportunities to blame.

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Why the DHS just issued a terrorism bulletin

The DHS issued a terrorism alert for potential threat from domestic anti-government extremist.

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Remembering the great Eldon Fortie, BYU’s original first-team All-American football player

Mitt Romney to Republicans: Stop perpetuating ‘big lie’ that Biden stole election from Trump

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America is a nation in need of grace

Grace creates space for healing and unity. That kind of grace won’t come easy. It is won one day, one interaction, one moment at a time.

This former Utah Utes quarterback is reportedly becoming the Philadelphia Eagles QB coach

Why GameStop’s stock soared, and why it’s causing a fight between Reddit and Wall Street

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Where does the GOP go now? These young conservatives have an idea

Next-generation conservatives are charting a more diverse, more inclusive path for the Republican Party. The GOP needs to follow.

Lawmaker opens bill file to impeach Attorney General over election challenges

Elder Cook to BYU-Idaho students: Focus on the Savior to find yourself on the ‘Sunny Side of the Street’ and have joy

Rep. Chris Stewart says opposition to book deals for Trump administration ‘un-American’

Pfizer may also add a third shot to the COVID-19 vaccine plan

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National signing day is a week away. How is the 2021 class shaping up for BYU, Utah and Utah State?

Is this the year the Saints’ Taysom Hill becomes a full-time starting quarterback in the NFL?

Is the silencing of Donald Trump a free market consequence or cancel culture?

How Latter-day Saints in Beirut are rebuilding and serving since the explosion

Discovery+ is out. Here’s what you should know about the new streaming service

Dr. Fauci may be the highest-paid federal employee

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Utah has ‘strategic competence,’ and the U.S. should take note

The former national security adviser and Miles Hansen, CEO of World Trade Center Utah, say Utah’s founding principles could lift the rest of the nation.

Rose Bowl or bust? This could be the year Utah plays in ‘Granddaddy of them all’

The Senate filibuster doesn’t appear to be going away

Childhood COVID-19 complication study launched; Utah reports 1,411 new cases, 17 deaths

The inside story of what makes BYU’s Richard Harward a basketball beast

What the new COVID-19 variants mean for your grocery shopping

Commissioner decides not to appeal decision allowing BYU to keep its police force

Episode 15: Church News managing editor Scott Taylor joins the podcast to discuss temples in a pandemic year

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How highly religious women are redefining feminism

A serious religious commitment seems to more adequately prepare women — and their husbands — to face working motherhood than liberal feminism.

BYU’s Zach Wilson is the 2nd quarterback off the board in Mel Kiper’s 1st 2021 NFL mock draft

Biden wasn’t the only one sworn in last week — who to watch as the Senate switches control

Without the right focus, America will never achieve the unity it needs

Why did the Utah House of Representatives pass a resolution to honor Donovan Mitchell?

RIP Kobe Bryant: Fans mourn loss of Los Angeles Lakers legend one year later

Sen. Mitt Romney among senators proposing constitutional amendment to stop ‘court packing’

We need to ‘upgrade’ the COVID-19 vaccine, Dr. Fauci says

The (way too early) case for Jordan Clarkson to win Sixth Man of the Year

Stock tips on TikTok? Maybe look elsewhere for financial advice

Why Megyn Kelly and some other conservatives are resisting calls for unity

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Moms are bearing the brunt of U.S. COVID-19 job losses

Closures of child care service providers coupled with conditions that have impacted occupations in which women are overrepresented have created economic hardships and potential long-term impacts.

The latest: Impeachment

Shaq shows ‘what greatness at the guard position looks like’ to him after Donovan Mitchell drama

It’s time for a governor’s Commission on Civic and Civil Engagement

Couldn’t find toilet paper during the pandemic? Blame anti-gouging laws, professor says

Why former Utah State football coach Gary Andersen walked away from millions

BYU’s Matt Bushman on his Achilles injury, his new foundation and his decision to move forward

Was Jerry Seinfeld really upset during that awkward Larry King interview?

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Unity starts with listening to the other side. We aren’t there yet

In his first days in office, President Biden has emphasized unity — but Republicans and Democrats continue to view the other side negatively.

Why Mitt Romney loses points with Utah Republicans, scores big with Democrats

How Trevin Knell, Connor Harding have settled into new roles, helping spark BYU’s four-game win streak

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Coronavirus: Utah responds to the pandemic