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What Dr. Anthony Fauci says about a Utah congressman’s bill that bears his name

The nation’s top infectious disease expert fired back at Republicans who claim he has lied about COVID-19.

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No ‘offensive chant’ will break the centurylong bond between USC and Latter-day Saints

The Southern California school has a long history with Latter-day Saints that doesn’t involve expletives.

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What Jaren Hall accomplished this season is truly remarkable. Here’s why

BYU heads into the bowl season having gone 5-0 against Pac-12 teams. The Cougars’ QB is a big reason why.

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C.S. Lewis’ life can teach us much about struggling with faith

The lesson at this holiday season for a world ravaged by the disillusioning inertia of a pandemic, rising inflation and socially paralyzing partisanship is to simply do good.

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If you made it to the bottom of a ski resort, chances are this artist showed you the way

James Niehues has painted over 200 ski resorts and countless landscapes around the world.

Dr. Fauci says the omicron variant is coming to the U.S.

Why your future house could be oozed into place by a giant printer

Everything you always wanted to know about Hanukkah but were afraid to ask

USC athletics issues apology to BYU football program for ‘offensive chant’ during game

Even in death, some COVID-19 skeptics pretend they weren’t wrong

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How Navajo culture helped these communities beat back COVID

How did the Navajo Nation go from being one of the hardest-hit communities in the country to offering a model for how to control the spread of COVID-19, while protecting vulnerable populations?

More pregnant women are turning to marijuana. Here’s what to blame

BYU spoils Hollywood ending for the USC Trojans, rides off into the postseason with 10 wins

The red Giving Machines in Utah are officially open. Learn where and how you can donate

Could Donovan Mitchell be the player to break the Jazz’s triple-double drought?

Perspective: There’s no manger or magi in the holiday stamps this year, but that’s OK

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How this Oklahoma ranch is using nuclear families to upend the foster care system

Most often sibling groups are either separated or tend to languish in foster care. Peppers Ranch is changing that.

Returning to Utah, Caleb Lohner leads BYU’s physicality in win over the Runnin’ Utes

Who’s getting COVID-19 right now? Children are at major risk, experts say

US issues new travel ban restrictions over omicron variant

How FSY conferences anchor the Children and Youth program

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What impact does pornography have on relationships?

A national survey says 1 in 4 men hide porn use, and 1 in 3 women worry about the impact on intimacy.

Analysis: Jazz blow out Pelicans in revenge game

A guide to visiting Temple Square this Christmas

BYU women’s basketball just beat its second ranked opponent this week to stay undefeated

Getting exposed to another coronavirus can help you fight COVID-19, study says

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New teacher guidelines would strengthen their standing

Lawmakers should be commended for bringing forward proposals to support the parent-teacher partnership through increased curriculum transparency

Elder Stevenson offers 4 ‘missionary pillars of gratitude’ during Thanksgiving devotional at Provo MTC

What are the most common COVID-19 booster shot side effects?

5 virtues to carry you from Thanksgiving into Black Friday

Want to win at the latest video game? Open your wallet

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The impossible politics of church-state partnerships

Republicans and Democrats generally agree that at least some faith groups should be eligible for government funds. After that, things get complicated.

Read the Latter-day Saint First Presidency’s 2021 Christmas message

Just starting your 2021 holiday shopping? Here’s how to buckle up for the season

America needs one-stop shops for benefits like Welfare Square

Why you could see less roadkill thanks to the new infrastructure law

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How to avoid these common holiday scams

The Better Business Bureau just released its naughty list of the top 12 Christmas-related scams.