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Latter-day Saint leaders pay visit to Scottish Parliament

President M. Russell Ballard of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints met with government leaders in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Utah Sen. Mike Lee set a trap for Snapchat. What happened next?

Senators blast TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube at hearing focused on protecting children

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When BYU moved the goal posts, it was only a matter of time Bronco would move on too

Despite his teams finishing in the top 25 five times during his 11 years at the helm, he knew he could only take independent Cougars so far.

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This is why crime tends to follow inflation

Recent studies show the connection, which ought to make Congress think twice before passing a huge stimulus package.

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Why stimulus checks and child credit payments could return in 2022

Snubbed by BYU in 2016, Virginia’s Robert Anae returns with the No. 4 offense in the country

Opinion: Conservatives delighting in Alec Baldwin’s pain show how far we’ve fallen

He just won a huge award. Now this former BYU student’s opera career is on the rise

Remembering Glen Tuckett, the coach and leader with the Midas touch

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Should you vaccinate a 5-year-old? Why we need transparency, not mandates

Parents need to be able to trust that the authorities approving these vaccines are fully transparent and seriously concerned with the best outcomes for children.

Not even coaching changes and a scholarship offer from Duke could prompt this Utah State Aggie to stray

How a misinformation campaign derailed a proposed National Heritage Area

The reason BYU is offering student-athletes a new class on how to market their personal brand

Opinion: Here’s why Utah government should boost clean energy projects

Alec Baldwin and the ‘Rust’ shooting: Will he face criminal charges?

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LGBTQ rights and religion: Can Utah’s ‘miracle’ be replicated?

A new video celebrates the state of Utah’s efforts to broaden LGBTQ rights and religious freedom protections at the same time.

This Utah Utes offensive lineman is reportedly entering the transfer portal

Your heating bill is about to go up

Opinion: We need a real national immigration policy

Analysis: Utah Jazz remain undefeated after win over Denver Nuggets

How Latter-day Saints have dealt with the ‘friendship recession’

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Life after the NFL: Christy and John Denney on the success of ‘The Girl Who Ate Everything’

Christy Denney started a food blog more than 13 years ago after her sister died. Today the wife and mother of five has more than 1.4 million followers on social media and just published her second cookbook.

Mitt Romney says Democrats are ‘desperate’ and Biden is ‘circling the drain’ on this issue

Returning to their ‘spiritual home,’ 3 senior Apostles reflect on lives ‘anchored in the British Isles’ as full-time missionaries

The Rev. Andrew Teal tells BYU students he will journey with them

Utes retiring No. 22 in honor of Aaron Lowe and Ty Jordan. Here are the details

Japan’s Princess Mako finally got married — but it wasn’t your typical royal wedding

Will Dixie State’s name change to Utah Tech University? A vote is looming

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Failed lessons from past pandemics

Historian and Stanford professor Niall Ferguson writes about the lessons we failed to learn from past pandemics.

Words of warning? Why life in the Big 12 will ‘be a fight’ every night for BYU

Is President Joe Biden’s job performance up or down in Utah? New poll has answers

Are there side effects to using Apple’s AirPods?

The head of NASA thinks we’re not alone in the universe

Opinion: The Cuban missile crisis remains October’s scariest time

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Peculiar billboards for a peculiar people

And as baffled as any visitor might be by "Kolob runs on Domo," Utah’s billboards provide a crash course in the state’s culture.

Why Kamala Harris’ video on Virginia’s election is raising legal concerns

Celebrating Halloween with kids? There’s an app for that

Police: 2 die, 4 injured in Idaho mall shooting

Opinion: If you’re not vaccinated and think you’re winning, think again

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Comparing COVID-19 restrictions to Nazi tactics is disgraceful and offensive

Protecting public health should never be equated to the horrors committed by the Nazi regime during the Holocaust.

Episode 54: Elder Weatherford T. Clayton talks about the multigenerational blessings of senior missionary service

Opinion: Lee and Romney need to step up for clean air

‘It’s not us’: Why Utah doesn’t look like its usual self defensively

The Utah Jazz just made a very Ryan Smith-esque hire from the College Football Playoff

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How this Oklahoma ranch is using nuclear families to upend the foster care system

Most often sibling groups are either separated or tend to languish in foster care. Peppers Ranch is changing that.

Report: Western states see dramatic increase in camping reservations, public land use

No need to audit Utah’s election again

Remembering when the deer hunt in the West was more than just a hunt

Man-made islands could change Utah Lake forever. Here are 6 things you need to know

What a national survey reveals about Latter-day Saints and their communities

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Are these Americans the hardest-to-reach holdouts when it comes to vaccination?

While those unaffiliated with a religion have a high vaccination rate, there are secular holdouts who remain hesitant or are refusers. With no centralized place to reach them, how do we help them get vaccinated?