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Why Mitt Romney loses points with Utah Republicans, scores big with Democrats

A new Deseret News/Hinckley Institute of Politics poll found 64% of Republicans in the state disapprove of Sen. Mitt Romney’s job performance, including half who strongly disapprove.

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Moms are bearing the brunt of U.S. COVID-19 job losses

Closures of child care service providers coupled with conditions that have impacted occupations in which women are overrepresented have created economic hardships and potential long-term impacts that experts fear could lead to catastrophe.

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Former BYU animation students now with Pixar discuss the innovations behind Disney’s ‘Soul’

Former BYU students now at Pixar said there were technical and storytelling innovations in Disney’s film, "Soul."

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How close are the 2020-21 Utah Jazz to the dynasty Golden State Warriors?

The Utah Jazz have made no secret about their intent to take more 3-pointers this season and to have a faster paced offense with shots coming early and pushing the ball in transition.

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Xavier Becerra’s future role in your family life

He is expected to take the helm at the Department of Health and Human services, a massive department with policy affecting millions.

6 Utah ties headed back to a Super Bowl with Kansas City Chiefs

Romney says impeachment trial is necessary for ‘accountability ... truth and justice’

Why BYU’s upcoming rematch at Pepperdine could have playoff-like feel

Vaccine tourism, explained

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Coronavirus: Utah responds to the pandemic

Analysis: Larry Krystkowiak says ‘bad coaching’ cost Utes in loss at Washington, but players have to share blame

Here’s how long will it take to vaccinate enough adults to defeat COVID-19

Alex Barcello lost half a tooth, but the Cougars avoided a loss to Pepperdine

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The vaccine: It’s a matter of civic duty

"All we know is that everyone who can obtain one should. It’s less a matter of personal choice and more a matter of one’s duty to his or her neighbors."

Poll: More than a third of Utahns not very worried about getting COVID-19

Legendary broadcaster Larry King has died

Why your grandchildren will probably still be fighting over national monuments

A word to the president: You don’t get to good governance by executive order

Mark Pope’s hired hands are giving BYU a lift

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Poll: What Utahns think about new President Joe Biden

A slight majority of Utahns don’t think much of President Joe Biden, who took the oath of office Wednesday after one of the most turbulent periods in American history.

4 ways to deal with COVID-19 symptoms

An era ends: The sad legacy of Donald Trump

How Donovan Mitchell’s ‘aight’ response to Shaq’s criticism became a battle cry on social media

Utah governor warns of ‘foundational cracks’ state faces, pushes for focus on education

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Trump’s gone. What’s next for his religious supporters?

On Inauguration Day, Trump supporters of faith reflected on what comes next — for them and the nation.

The Pac-12 is parting ways with Larry Scott. Anything different is good

Trump’s second impeachment trial to begin week of Feb. 8

Runnin’ Utes hoping to build on Thursday’s big road win against Washington

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We asked Utah’s poet laureate about the inauguration poem

"She won poetry fans over," Utah poet laureate Paisley Rekdal said of Amanda Gorman’s poem.

10 notable but not well-known Church history sites in the U.S. — plus 1 in England

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The case for hard religion

The problem may be that our pews have grown too soft.

‘Worn out by the negativity’: Utes channeled frustration over criticism to pick up first road win since 2019

Coronavirus a ‘national security priority’ in orders signed by President Biden

How moving the Tooele temple halted a recount battle

Baseball legend Hank Aaron is dead at age 86. Here’s the legacy he left behind

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Move over Martha Stewart. Internet tastemakers are breathing new life into family traditions

Brands like The House That Lars Built show how family traditions can fuel lifestyle bloggers’ success.

Pro baseball legend Hank Aaron passes away. Here are the reactions

Why Utah athletic director Mark Harlan says his 2½ years on the job have ‘been a ride’

See the 4 new paintings in the Sacred Grove and Smith Farm Welcome Center

Utah is one of the top 7 states for using its COVID-19 vaccine shots

How Girl Scout cookie sales are changing in 2021

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A Wyoming GOP chairman mentioned seceding from the union. Here’s what happened next

Frank Eathorne says he’s discussed the idea with his counterpart in Texas, setting off a firestorm of tweets and ribbing at the Cowboy state’s expense.

Utahn among those President Trump pardons on way out the door

Despite fan backlash, Josh Groban brings powerful performance to Joe Biden’s Inaugural Prayer Service

3 BYU starting defensive linemen are moving on. How will coaches fill their shoes?

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Pandemic prompts Latter-day Saint leaders to make April 2021 general conference virtual only

It’s the third time since the pandemic began that the church’s international conference will go on without people filling the Conference Center in Salt Lake City.

President Biden to release new COVID-19 pandemic plan. Here are the nuts and bolts

A new political home for the ‘moveable middle’: Welcome to the Giraffe Party

‘Political football’? Biden wants review of Bears Ears, Grand Staircase boundaries

Toll roads? Mileage-driven taxes? It’s all coming your way, Utah

What made Mark Pope the coach he is? His former high school coach knows

Andy Reid harkens back to his BYU days for critical fourth-and-1 play call