Confessed killer and forger Mark Hofmann was in satisfactory condition Friday in University Hospital, after undergoing further surgery on his arm that was injured during his Sept. 15 drug overdose.

Hofmann was transported from the Utah State Prison infirmary to the hospital Sunday. He underwent surgery on the arm Monday, Ann Brillinger, associate director of community relations, said Friday.Security at the hospital remains tight.

A date for his release has not been sched-uled. Hofmann was found comatose in his prison cell and taken to the hospital for treatment of an overdose of a tricyclic anti-depressant drug, an apparent suicide attempt.

He remained in the hospital 11 days.

During his first stay, skin-graft surgery was performed on his arm, where tissue had been injured from a lack of blood circulation due to his lying in one place too long after taking the drug.

Hofmann is serving a five-year-to-life sentence after pleading guilty to the October 1985 pipe-bomb slayings of two people and an elaborate forgery scheme.